RTHReviews: Shershaah

RTHReviews: Shershaah

A film that topped my watchlist for a long time now, and I’m glad that I finally caught up with it.

I don’t remember when was the last Hindi film or even a film in the war genre which was so well-made, a film that ticks all the boxes and hits all the emotions there could possibly be.

The last time a film in this genre was so refreshing to watch was Lakshya, and I feel this tops it in a lot of ways, even though both have their advantages and there’s really no need to compare them.

The biggest focal point of the film is Siddharth Malhotra, how good has he characterized Capt. Vikram Batra, the work that he has put in, and you can obviously see the outcome. If you weren’t a fan already, after watching this, you sure will be.

Kiara Advani was fantastic in her role as well, along with the other cast members. As the film proceeds, the writers and the director ensure to focus on each character, which makes you feel for them at various points in the film.

As I said before, the film ticks all the boxes, right from the element of war and action, to the element of love, the background score and the music, the cinematography, everything is just right in this film. Brilliantly led from the front by the director, Vishnuvardhan. Overall, the film is fast-paced, plus you’re invested in it right from the beginning, I couldn’t find nor think of any flaws that would make the film less lovable.

Shershaah is perfect. An exemplary example of a well-made war film, a Hindi film, a Siddharth Malhotra film. This film just took my breath away, so much so that even after 24 hours the film has definitely stayed with me and made a mark too. Couldn’t recommend it enough.