My two cents on Shark Tank India

My two cents on Shark Tank India

With an interest in entrepreneurship, and also trying to understand the breakdown of how companies work, in different sectors, their approach, etc., one of the things that I’ve been hooked onto, is Shark Tank US for a while now.

What are the new ideas that people are pitching, how unique are those ideas, what kind are the investable ones, what do the Sharks have to say about them? There’s a lot to learn and understand when you watch it.

So having watched that for a while now, there was always a thought buzzing in my head, time and again, how would such a show work in India? Clearly, there’s been an uprising wave of entrepreneurs in the last few years, people are now experimenting, getting into new sectors. Now that we are finally having a Shark Tank India, how well will it stand on its own vs when compared to the popular Shark Tank US?

To be frank, when the news first came out, I was a little hesitant as to how the creators would be approaching the show, and would a show of this stature be ‘Bollywoodized’ as well and be like another reality show amongst many others that air on television?
(Bollywoodized: adding an extra flair of entertainment to what’s already entertaining, taking it to a whole new level)

Having this preconceived thought process, I approached the first episode of Shark Tank India and got exactly that, or rather my eyes only saw what I wanted them to see. Watching that first episode, I wondered how different are the types of questions being asked by the Sharks, in comparison to Shark Tank US… How different are people’s presentations and is every minute of it looking like just another reality show?

And then I see on Twitter, people mocking the show and calling it ‘cringe’, saying why is this show even happening, and picking out flaws here and there. At first, I agreed and thought, well someone else agrees too. But, the exact second thought was… “I got to give it another try, check out another episode, remove those preconceived judgments and then notice what I think about it”.

Maybe that was exactly what was needed. As soon as I watched that second episode, multiple thoughts arose in my mind…
1. Well, of course, everything is going to be different from what we’ve been seeing on Shark Tank US because our mindsets are different, our approaches are different, our environment is different.
2. We are coming from a place where people are told what they have to do, there are societal notions against entrepreneurship, against people starting up on their own, worries about the risk that is involved, and moreover, the formula of doing a job and getting a promotion because that’s been going on for years (not that it’s wrong, but when it’s forced upon people or when they think that’s the only way forward)… And to break all of that, especially to the people who have these notions, this is exactly the simplistic, basic, to the face kind of approach that the show needed.
3. In Shark Tank India, entrepreneurs aren’t just pitching to the sharks, but are also pitching to the people watching it, opening them up to this rising wave of entrepreneurship in our country. For that to happen, it is difficult to explain, but there’s an Indian touch to all the pitches, which matches the tone that was needed for mass acceptance. Plus we also get to see what other Indians are thinking, how unique or not their ideas are, what’s working, and what’s not, so that’s another pro-point.
4. When it comes to the sharks, there’s some good chemistry and camaraderie that can be seen, sometimes adding that extra touch of spiciness that will get the viewers excited as well. My own take has shifted from an initial approach of skepticism to loving every shark and wanting to know what they have to say about each idea that gets pitched.
5. Finally, there are always going to be flaws here and there. There are always going to be lessons learnt and then applied to the future seasons. Even the other Shark Tanks have worked the same way, and there are improvements seen over time, and so will the case be with this one as well.

This is exactly the right time for Shark Tank India in our country, the right kind of entertainment mixed with some good ideas and investments, that’ll get the audience hooked to the show, opening up their mindsets towards this space. Not only that, but giving people, of all ages, from all locations, the confidence to begin (if they want to).

I’m hooked to the show and quite glad about how it’s turned out to be. Back to watching more episodes in my free time.