A blog is a personal diary in disguise

A blog is a personal diary in disguise

People write a blog for various reasons – as an outlet, to share particular moments of their life, or their learnings, or to even curate things – all under the umbrella of providing value (mostly) to those who will eventually read it.

But, when you read them, it ends up with things you actually wanted to tell yourself.

Hardly anyone would agree to that though.

“I’m a learned person and I’m here to share those learnings” “I know this and that and would like to make people aware of those things”

Sure! But all these observations and learnings root from somewhere and usually, they are from your own life. When you look back, when you introspect, when you observe, when you learn more and implement it to your own life – all of those things root from your own life.

Considering that, more often than not, there are also thoughts that are difficult to deal with, regarding one’s own life and those are the times when these writings and posts take the form to let those thoughts out.

Where they originally were for yourself, now they take the form of publically providing value (which they can also do, no doubt about that)… But one should take heed from their own writings too, shouldn’t they?

Can you remember a previous thought?

Can you remember a previous thought?

How many times has it happened that you think of something (not necessarily an idea), but something of significance, that you may want to think about more later on, or something that you want to do… But a few thoughts later or as time passes, you just can’t remember that thought.

What can you do? Your brain is designed in a way to have constant thoughts, one after the other – sometimes many are linked to just one topic and sometimes it jumps from topic to topic, and sometimes when you aren’t distracted, you’re just sitting there blank.

There are some rare occasions when a particular thought is of quite significance to you and you know you’ve to remember it… It is during those moments when amidst all the chaos of time and thoughts, you are able to remember that thought.

But otherwise… Can you remember a previous thought? I don’t think so.

This is also why anyone who’s ideating on literally anything is said to have some kind of journal or anything to put their thoughts on with them, at such times.

You never know when you’ll have a notable thought and whether you’d be able to remember it or not… Better write it down before another thought (maybe important or maybe wasteful) comes on and disturbs this current thought.