An Idea becomes Obsolete

An Idea becomes Obsolete

The pace at which the world is changing and evolving at, with the advancement of technology, the trends keep changing, the platforms keep changing, the audiences’ tastes keep changing… It’s hard to stay at one particular thing for long.

Everything has a shelf life, unless it’s impact is long term, but even then, most of the micro things have a shelf life at least.

You have to constantly be updated, you have to constantly experiment, evolve with the times and bring new ideas into the picture.

An idea, if not shared in time, becomes obsolete with time.

As soon as an idea strikes you, you have to work on it, and bring it out as soon as possible.

Another individual could’ve a similar or the same idea. Another individual could execute at a faster pace than you. Not that there’s competition, but if ideas come to you at a slower pace than others, it’s always better to output them as soon as possible, so the identity of the idea stays with you.

All the iterations and extensions of that idea could then be worked alongside that particular idea. But that one has to go out before it becomes obsolete. Before it’s freshness is expired. Before it’s essence is eliminated.

Every idea becomes or seems obsolete if not shared or executed in time.