Podcasts that caught my eye in 2021

Podcasts that caught my eye in 2021

The thing about podcasts is not everyone has an ear for them. That’s understandable. Some like to read, some like to listen, some like to watch, some are interested in all three formats. There are over 2.5 million podcasts globally, and maybe more, some hit the charts, some have a niche audience, and some are still building. Moreover, there are all kinds of podcasts – educational, entertainment, sports, music, interviews, business; there are short-form formats as well as some that go really long – but I don’t think there’s not a podcast in any category you can possibly think of.

I think of myself as a podcasting connoisseur, following over 250 shows, and listening to 30 – 40 episodes on average per week, recommending my top 5 episodes to listen to every week (in my weekly The Last 7 Days post). But, as I listen to my favorite ones, listening to some for fun, and learning in-depth with some, also experimenting with the new ones… I have got a varied taste, so there’s no one genre that I only listen to. The point being, I think I have a few good podcasts that I can recommend, considering this is the end of 2021, would love to share a few that caught my eye this year.

Here’s the list –

A. My First Million

A podcast where the hosts, Shaan Puri & Sam Parr brainstorm new business ideas based on trends & opportunities we see in the market. Sometimes we have famous guests, and they do it with us.

Check it out here and here’s their Spotify link.

B. Pivot

Recode’s Kara Swisher and NYU Professor Scott Galloway offer sharp, unfiltered insights into the biggest stories in tech, business, and politics. They make bold predictions, pick winners and losers, and bicker and banter like no other.

Check it out on Spotify here.

C. Huberman Lab

Hosted by Dr. Andrew Huberman, The Huberman Lab Podcast discusses neuroscience: how our brain and its connections with the organs of our body controls our perceptions, our behaviors, and our health.

Check it out here.

D. Armchair Expert

Armchair Expert is a weekly podcast hosted by American actors Dax Shepard and Monica Padman. Each podcast features Shepard and Padman interviewing celebrities, journalists, and academics about “the messiness of being human”.

Find it on Spotify here.

E. HBO’s Succession Podcast

The official podcast about the HBO Original series Succession. Each week journalist and host Kara Swisher unpacks real world events that echo the saga unfolding on screen. Guests include top journalists, writers, psychologists, as well as some of the people involved in making the TV show.

Listen to it here.

F. Life Kit

Everyone needs a little help being a human. From sleep to saving money to parenting and more, they talk to the experts to get the best advice out there.

Check it out here.

G. Renegades: Born in the USA

Renegades: Born in the USA is a series of conversations between President Barack Obama and Bruce Springsteen about their lives, music, and enduring love of America—despite all its challenges.

Find it on Spotify here.

H. The Big Shots – Dosa King

An epic drama about the exponential rise of P Rajagopal, the founder of Saravana Bhavan, and the shocking scandal that led to his fall.

Check it out here.

Honorary Mentions

(those that I’ve been listening to for a while now and are just excellent even after such a long time)

  • The GaryVee Audio Experience
  • The Daily Stoic
  • Cyrus Says
  • The School of Greatness
  • SmartLess
  • Snacks Daily