Everything I cooked in 2021

Everything I cooked in 2021

One of my to-do things for 2020 was to learn how to cook. It’s one of the best skills to have, you then have the freedom to eat whatever and whenever you want, you accumulate a true understanding of what goes in your body, and its benefits and what’s not good for you, plus not only are you then not dependent on anyone, but you also get to share the fruits of your efforts with everyone else.

Once you start enjoying the process, then there’s no going back. There’s this fire that ignites within, and now you’re curious to try out more dishes, experiment more, and also stretch your current skillset further ahead.

With the pandemic happening in 2020, a lot of things changed internally and externally, plus our relationship with time, our relationship with ourself and so much more, and amidst all that, so much got delayed and postponed, along with that wishlist of mine. But, sometimes, a minor blip in time doesn’t change what you have set your mind to… Cut to 2021, when I jump in the kitchen right from the first day itself.

With every dish, I cooked, and all the help I received, there was so much to learn, moreover, it wasn’t just the outcome that was turning out to be good, but the process of understanding and making these dishes too that was quite enjoyable.

In these 365 days, I’ve tried out my hand on various dishes, of different cuisines, and a bunch of desserts too, because sweet-tooth. Here’s a quick preview of everything that I cooked in 2021…