#1 of The Last 7 Days (09.03-15.03)

#1 of The Last 7 Days (09.03-15.03)


From all the content that I consume, I try to choose those with value, where there’s something to learn, which can add something to your life.

Most of what I watch is surrounded around my interests, but I thought why not share it with y’all too, maybe there’s something that would interest you too, thus the weekly series, The Last 7 Days, where I talk about what I read, what I listened to, and what I saw in the last seven days.

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What To Read
1. Have you ever found yourself viewing your Instagram Stories time and time again? When I came across this article, titled ‘Why Is It So Tempting To Re-watch Your Own Instagram Story?’ – I could immediately relate to it and found it interesting.

Read it here.

2. I read this article on YourStory, titled ‘Why Graphology is an effective tool for entrepreneur coaching?’ which talks about the changes you can make in your writing to alter a few traits within yourself. It also talks about certain writing ways which show what kind of leader are you.

Read it here.

3. I’ve picked up my first book of 2020 – How Google Works co-written by¬†Google‘s Executive Chairman and ex-CEO Eric Schmidt and former SVP of Products Jonathan Rosenberg. I’m still reading it but it’s a lovely in-depth read of the behind-the-scenes of Google and how the company works.

What To Listen
1. Tom Bilyeu from the Impact Theory podcast interviews Dr Daniel Amen on the secret to ending Mental Illness.

Listen to it on Spotify here.

2. Tanmay Bhat talks about his comeback, his weight loss and about becoming rich, on The Ranveer Show. This one is quite insightful and provides a lot of value.

Listen here.

3. Jay Shetty talks to Yuval Harari on Why Boredom is Good for you – this episode is a true eyeopener, it’ll definitely change a few thoughts for you.

Click here to listen.

4. F1 has their official podcast called Beyond the Grid where the host, Tom Clarkson speaks to Lewis Hamilton about his F1 life and the life beyond it.

Listen here.

5. Pawan Rochwani (@pawan_rochwani), the founder of Platform for Artists and a good friend of mine has his own podcast, called When We Met – where, on this episode, he interviews the founder of La Kheer Deli, Shivang Sood for one of his episodes.

If you’re from Pune, you’ve definitely heard of La Kheer Deli, and I’ve been a customer since a long, long time. Listening to Shivang’s journey, how the brand started and what lies ahead was some quality time spent.

Listen to the episode here.

P.S. I listen to a lot of podcasts, so many that my Jan and Feb listens have trumped my entire podcast run-time of 2019. Nonetheless, these are some of the few episodes from this week that I wanted to highlight.

What To Watch
1. I’m a fan of Kumud Mishra, and I don’t know who couldn’t be, his acting is pure and genuine.

I came across a short film of his, Aapka Amitabh on Hotstar – short and sweet, interesting to watch, fabulous acting.

If you’d like to watch it, click here.

2. If you like films and you’re interested to know more about the thought process behind them, the vision of the creator, here’s one such video where Anupama Chopra of Film Companion interviews Rohit Shetty about his process behind making Sooryavanshi and his other films.

Watch it here.

3. I follow this channel on YouTube called Yes Theory, and their mission is to Seek Discomfort and every video of theirs is surrounded around that mission.

You should definitely check out the channel; however, one of their recent videos really touched my heart, titled ‘A Stranger’s Last 3 Months to Live’. What a person goes through in their last days, their mindset, it’s inspiring, it’s encouraging.

Give it a watch here.

4. If you haven’t seen Jojo Rabbit yet, you should definitely give it a watch – one of the best films of 2019 for me. The director of the film, Taika Waititi and actor Stephen Merchant break down one of the most comical scenes of the film and explain the process behind the scene.

If you love films, just not what’s on the screen, but right from it’s writing process to cinematography and everything, then you’ll like this video. Watch it here.

This was the first take on the series, The Last 7 Days. Hopefully, some of this content brought some value to you as well. Let me know if you’d like to exclusively subscribe to this weekly series and not the daily blog posts, and we can get that done too.

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