Every brand needs to set their tone.

Every brand needs to set their tone.

Every brand needs a consistent tone over all their platforms, online and offline. In regards to the online sector, your website or your app or your digital presence over all the social media platforms, need to stay consistent with the set tone.
‘How would you like your audience to perceive your brand, depends on its tone!’
Often, the agencies tend to mix up the tone which sends an irrelevant message to the audience. For example, while handling your social media profiles, agencies create different types of content, time and again, which does not follow the tone of your brand. Due to this inconsistency, even the audience fails to understand your brand, which will probably affect your image and even your offline sales.
‘Inconsistent brand tone gives out an unaesthetic look, in return, affecting your image and sales.’
So what should you do – 
A. Minor details make the most difference. 
B. Work with the right agency.
C. Communicate with your designing team and ensure they understand what your brand is about.

Who am I?

Who am I?

In our childhood, everyone used to ask us the same question, “What do you want to become in the future?” For me, the answer was always the same: to be a businessman. To accomplish something of my own and to leave a mark was the goal.

Somehow I have always possessed the entrepreneurial mindset. Although, back then I didn’t know my future goals.

Currently, I’m building my boutique digital agency, Zazz Media, for the last three years. We specialise in social media management and promotions, amongst other digital services.

There were many factors, which led me to start Zazz Media.

  • Coming from the family business background, visiting the office and just observing everything during my school and junior college days.
  • Simultaneously, I’d also been pursuing courses such as Digital Marketing, Graphic Designing, Cyber Law, Expressing Yourself, Intro to Advertising, Photography, which merely started as interests and fine-tuned my skills at the same time.
  • I’d also started a small production firm in the college days, by the name of Shreyan Rohit Productions to experience the industry and learn.
  • Above all, always having the entrepreneurial spirit in me to explore and enjoy the new and the unknown.

Through this journey, having been on this path for the past three years and still a long way to go, I have intended to inspire people with this journey, educate them about entrepreneurship and build a community through which everyone could support and learn from each other.

These reasons led me to start the Zazzpreneurs Podcast. Sharing not just my story through my channels, but also to share the success stories of people from all industries. Every sports person, every musician, everyone’s journey is exciting and inspiring. Their mindset, their inspiration, their struggles, their path is what I want to share through this podcast.

There’s a long way to go, and your support and love would push me forward on this journey, to do even more!

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