Web1 was about the aggregation and consumption of information. Web2 was about the creation of it, where everyone got the chance to connect with one another, got the chance to create memories, connections, and a platform to channel their thoughts, their creativity, into a digital output, but always under the umbrella of someone else.

Web3 gives users the chance to have ownership of what we do on the internet. It’s an extremely summarized statement of everything that Web3 is capable of, but then again, there’s so much to explain of it too.

There are the earliest adopters who are part of building it, since years, because everything new takes years of time and efforts to develop, it takes time to get into the mainstream, and then it picks up speed.

Then there are those at the second and third stages, who start understanding it at a little later point in time and join the path. Finally, it hits the mainstream when everyone knows they are in it or have to be in it, to proceed further.

There’s so much in Web3, and so much elsewhere that connect somewhere or the other, and amount to one big picture. Whether it’s cryptocurrencies, or NFTs, or the Metaverse, Tokens, DAOs, VR, AR, so much is being developed and so much is either happening now or will happen at a much larger scale in the future.

While today’s post is not one to get into the depth of those things, it’s about an entry point, an early recognition of someone being a part of Web3, someone who believes in it, and that’s having a .eth domain.

Where you don’t have to keep creating accounts everywhere, where you don’t have to fill in your account details everywhere, where you don’t have to send email addresses and what not to people to send you something, there’s going to be a .eth domain for everyone.

Users, brands, organizations have one now or will have it sooner or later, and that applies to everyone. The technological aspect of it is such that it’s a no-brainer to not have one and going to be used by the majority of us in a few years, probably.

And as much use case as it has, right now, in the current time, it also is an icon of recognition of someone who is a part of/ a believer of Web3, and that says a lot when the community is still small, which ultimately makes it easier to connect.

I, personally, have been a spectator for a while, just trying to grasp what I’ve been seeing, and now trying to get in the space as well. There’s no better understanding of anything in this space than doing it practically… Thus, having a couple of NFTs myself, understanding the platform, the community approach, the usability, the impact of it.

Moreover, super glad to have a friend like Pratik Gandhi (let’s hope he wouldn’t mind me using his name here), who gave me this rather amazing surprise of gifting me this domain, in a way letting me have such a good headstart in the space. So if you’re reading this, thank you very much.

For everyone else, there’s never too early, never too late, there’s so much to learn, so much to understand in this space… It’s at such an early stage right now and has a great amount of bandwidth to grow and evolve. So instead of rushing into anything, start small, start learning, as I am.