Refreshing your Thoughts

Refreshing your Thoughts

All our thoughts root from somewhere. There’s an origin to everything, and that applies to our thoughts as well.

Right from the moment we are born, we are collecting information (now we may not remember everything is not of concern).

– Through associations (acquiring information from the immediate and exterior environment),
– through the social constructs (how the society functions to fit in or the set of steps that have been embedded for generations),
– through the biases (the multiple types of lens that the society has continued for generations through which they perceive/ assign people to a certain trait/ characteristic through which they can be judged easily)
– through the traditions and rituals (whether the intent behind those is good or not, and whether they have a good outcome or not is again a different issue, but they’re blindly followed for the sake of “tradition” becomes the issue)
– through the rules and laws (created by a set of humans who came to a consensus regarding the act of another human/s. Again carried through for years, without asking questions, or without updating them with how the kind currently function),

Through all of these things and more, our thinking gets molded in a certain manner, so much so that the majority of people start thinking the same way or rather approach most things about life the same way.

It becomes programmable, and for most, no one realizes this nor does anyone care. Everyday life, especially the exterior part of it, has been made so chaotic that people are made to think they have no time to think about these things.

So, then one has to get lucky with a certain action (any) that could occur in one’s life which would act as the catalyst for them to realize these things. What follows next is somewhat predictable after a realization of this kind.

That predictability looks something like this, you notice your thoughts from a new perspective, you now look at life differently, what’s real and what’s not is something you notice. You notice what you did before… and what you’d like to do now. So you jot down a plan of action and start implementing those changes and walk on this path of life now.

But that entire process begins when you refresh your thoughts, forget everything for a while, and look at the constructs of this reality that we live in – how much of it is meaningful and how much of it is just for the sake of carrying on.