Mind Manipulation

Mind Manipulation

How easy is it to manipulate someone’s mind, do you know? Common interests, common target points then make way for mob mentality, making it more easier to manipulate people at a mass level.

On the grounds of capitalism, wanting to be rich, on the grounds of diets, wanting to be slim, on the grounds of motivation, wanting to be inspired, on the grounds of followers and likes, wanting to be famous…

It is so easy to manipulate anyone’s mind, and those that understand this, then take advantage of it. If one is not aware of their true needs and wants, their true meaning of life, love and happiness, then they keep falling for these traps again and again.

It then becomes a cyclical chain.

For example, you eat something which tastes good for the moment, but unhealthy for the body. You then have to go on a fad diet/ taking shortcuts to become healthy. You spend a ton of time and money on consultations, courses, classes, etc. to get your workout in place, your diet in place, but you don’t feel motivated to carry on. Sooner or later, you now opt for someone to motivate you, either through a seminar or a personal consultation, or any other form. That cyclical chain then affects other areas of your life until you have fallen for every trap possible.

Instead, you could have opted to not eat that unhealthy thing.

A simple example can then be applied to every phase of your life, and it is then for you to realize how many traps have you fallen into by now.