Salt according to taste

Salt according to taste

If you are ever following a recipe while cooking, ond of the things that’s common in all recipes is, add the salt according to your taste.

No one says how much, even though they have the exact measurements for everything else.

But that exact analogy applies to life as well! No matter how much you learn and no matter how much experience you have and whether you have all the ingredients for your financial success or your professional success or your personal growth, ultimately the energy that you’re investing and/or the time that you’re alloting to everything will decide its outcome, based differently for each individual.

There’s no fixed allotted time for anything to be successful or to have a good outcome, on the contrary, its based on each one’s “taste” – what they think is right according to them.

And that will eventually decide the fate of your work, just how that amount of salt you put in decides the taste of your dish.