Why I am terrible at marketing?

Why I am terrible at marketing?

When you look at the current marketing environment, you’ll notice a few commonalities that remain the same for all brands.

Being in the marketing sector for 5+ years now, whether it’s through strategizing or executing for brands, noticing the change in trends or platforms, all of it has taught me a thing or two.

I took all of it under account, when I thought of simultaneously working on my personal brand as well. Share my point of view, my perspective, and my journey whilst bringing awareness around those things.

Having done that for a while now, I ended up realizing how am I so terrible at marketing, especially when it comes to my own brand.

Thinking about all of this, I jot down a few pointers that will help me explain this further

– Instead of baiting you into funnels,

I end up asking for your permission every time.

– Instead of packaging it into courses and ebooks,

I end up giving it all away for free.

– Instead of sounding like an expert,

I end up experimenting all on myself first before sharing it ahead.

– Instead of making it all about me,

I end up focusing on providing value to you first.

– Instead of focusing on likes and followers,

I end up focusing on the long-term vision ot changing your life (or at least making you aware of it)

Should you even follow me after reading all of this?

I’ll leave that up to you.



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