Putting a full stop at the end of a sentence

Putting a full stop at the end of a sentence

At the end of a sentence, there could be a full stop, or a comma and you could continue the sentence further more, or you could even put three dots and continue it further to the next line.

You could also break that sentence without ending it, by putting a semi colon.

That choice is with the one who’s writing it and with what intent are they writing.

The similar case is with our life as well.

Any dream we have, any plans we take action on, it is we, who choose to put that full stop at the end of that sentence.

When do you want to put a full stop, whether you’d like to put one or not, or add one of the alternatives.

No one can decide that for you, no person, no government, no place – that power is only within your mind to do so.

Once that power is realized, then you can take any and all action accordingly – having full control of your life and what you do with that life.


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