RTHReviews: Pushpa – The Rise (Part 1)

RTHReviews: Pushpa – The Rise (Part 1)

There are quite a few performances where you cannot identify the actor anymore, and all you can see is the character in the film… And Allu Arjun does just that in Pushpa: The Rise.

Right from the first moment he enters the frame, until the end of the film, you simply cannot take your eyes off him, what a gripping performance. Whether it’s his one-sided dripping shoulder look or his attitude or his style, Allu Arjun is all swag in the film.

Where the entire film’s casting and their performance was on point and pretty much adds to the intensity and the tension in the film, one of the important factors in the film remains the storyline, which may seem so basic from a macro lens, but there’s so much happening in the three-hour duration, you never know where did all that time go. The cinematography of the film also adds to that aspect, with some really good frames and the slow-motion shots that gave the scenes the gravitas they needed.

Each of the cast members had something to add to the storyline, but one of the individuals who stood out with his performance was Fahadh Faasil, for the little time he was on screen, he was just magnificent in that role and the duo (him along with Allu Arjun) was just fiery.

Where this was simply just the first part of the series, it didn’t feel incomplete nor did it leave the audience hanging at any point in time. Pushpa: The Rise (Part 1) is brilliant, and I just cannot wait for that second part to be released soon.