Why it doesn’t work out?

Why it doesn’t work out?

Whenever we try something new, we often wonder why it doesn’t work out.

Where was the problem?

What did we do wrong?

Usually, it applies to the changes we make in our life, the habits we try to instil, the choices we make for our life.

So, why doesn’t it work out then?

It boils down to two reasons, either or, you decide which one is right for you.

A. Trying too many things at once

We either try too many things altogether, at once, and end up thinking why one particular thing or all of them didn’t work out, without thinking that we never put our focus onto just one thing and concentrated on it and improved at it.

It was juggling too much, all at once, that’s why it didn’t work out.

But what if you did only one thing and it still didn’t work out.

Where there could be various reasons attached to this, a major one is,

B. Wanting quick results

In a quest to reach the end of the line, the destination, to know the outcome, you took steps and the process was such that you wanted quick results. In such a quest, you could never process the journey, understand it and improve at it.

Apply each of the situations to your problem and think why it didn’t work out.


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