Prioritizing your Tasks

Prioritizing your Tasks

All of us, on a day to day basis, have a ton of tasks to do. Those tasks could be at home tasks, or related to work, or growth, or learning, or anything else that you have to do.

And what usually ends up happening is, you get to tick off some of them at the end of the day, some were left off in the middle and some had to be postponed or delayed for the future.

Does that happen to you as well?

How can you then priortize your tasks and see to it that you do all of them?

Well the secret is, to priortize them based on the level of importance to you.

What do you feel is so important that it has to be done right now. And when you plan your tasks in that manner, then you can do everything that was urgent for you and those that you had to do right now.

Also, to add to that, the fewer tasks you plan everyday, the more you can check at the end of the day. You can only do so much in the time you’re awake, then why not just schedule a few tasks rather than planning a ton of them, only to delay them for the next day and the next day and to then get disappointed that you’re not able to check off the things you had to do.

Having fewer things to do and to do them in the order of how important they are to you is how you prioritize your day, your life and make sure each day you’re able to do as much as you can.


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