The backlog keeps building up

The backlog keeps building up

The moment you decide to do something later, and if it doesn’t have a deadline, it gets left out eventually.

Whether it is related to your personal or your professional life, there are a bunch of micro and macro tasks that need your mental or your physical attention, or both.

Prioritizing according to each one’s deadline and their particular importance, you assort them into doing some things now and some later.

But, when you come to think of it, and when you practically notice your past deeds as well, you’ll notice that the backlog keeps building up (with regards to most of those pending things).

Every day, every week, something new comes up. The tasks change, the manner of importance changes, thus you look at the urgent things at hand. And eventually, what was left out remains left out.

That backlog keeps building up, until you realize how big or long that backlog has become. You may choose to attend to it, one by one, or just leave it altogether, or maybe build that backlog more (knowingly or unknowingly).

This post is a reminder for you to check whether you have a backlog too or not.