Beating the Social Media Pressure

Beating the Social Media Pressure

How the social media platforms have grown over the past few years and how people have posted content over this time,

People are in a constant pressure of whether their content looks like the part.

Whether it is ‘perfect’.

Whether they’ve clicked that perfect picture.

Whether that picture can be clicked in a different angle.

Whether that caption is engaging.

Whether that caption should be long or short.

How many hashtags should they add.

How will the audience perceive all of this.

And the list goes on and on.

That is the social media pressure.

In order to fit in, in order to be liked, in order to rise, whatever the reason may be, there’s an enormous amount of self-pressure that we have created to be on any of these platforms.

What can you do to beat it?

– Create that first post.

– Don’t overthink it. Don’t over plan it.

– Just put the picture up, caption from the heart, and hit that post button.

– With time, you’ll feel secure and confident in what you do and also figure out what else you can do.

Once you let go of this “social media pressure”, you’ll find it so easy to be yourself and just share what’s within you.

It takes time, it takes practice, you need to become secure in life, you need to become more aware of yourself in life, but you have to let go of this pressure.


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