The vibes of your environment

The vibes of your environment

The balance of our day to day and our macro lives hang between our emotions and how we manage through them. Our emotions form from our thoughts and our thoughts emerge from what we absorb and consume.

What we consume depends on the type of environment that is around us.

The environment further gets divided into your internal and external environment, with your internal environment being what you personally consume for your mind and for your body.

But, today we focus on the external environment and the vibes that we get from it.

Why is it said that you’re a sum total of the five people you surround yourself with, is simply because you subconsciously pick up the tiniest of their behaviors, their values and their traits and you start imitating them without knowing how.

Every single thing that immediately happens around you, affects you. Whether this is a positive environment or a negative environment or maybe even a toxic environment, it all gets to you eventually.

The vibes that you pick up from your external environment is going to have an effect on your day to day, on your thoughts, on your emotions, on how you act and behave, on your decisions, on your macro life as well.

Sometimes you understand your environment and you make a stance to act differently, but there’s only so much you can control, especially when you are in an environment you don’t necessarily agree with.

Those are the times when a hard call is made, with respect to your environment and you choose whether to let it be a part of your life or not.