The Baggage of Yesterday

The Baggage of Yesterday

Every day, every moment of our time is spent on thinking about yesterday, our past actions, our past results, our past thoughts and what not.

Because you know the outcome of yesterday, i.e. today, we tend to think more of yesterday and everything we did to be here today.

Now, where you are today, because of yesterday, leads to either you being satisfied with today or you being disappointed and discouraged with the baggage of yesterday.

This baggage holds you back, holds your emotions, can keep you in a what-if loop cycle, constantly thinking how you could have changed yesterday.

Only thing to snap back and to come back in the moment is to realize that you cannot time travel and what’s done is done. But, today leads up to tomorrow and that is the only thing in your control.

When its meant to be

When its meant to be

Sometimes things happen, not in your control, but are good for you.

Sometimes, not.

Other times, you wish for something to happen and it does.

But, mostly it comes after constantly persevering irrespective of the consecutive failures.

Particular things are bound to happen at particular times of your life, and its different for all individuals.

The common factor that occurs in all timelines is, when its meant to be, then its meant to be.