What if my calculations go wrong?

What if my calculations go wrong?

We sometimes calculate something to the point. We plan for something in such a detailed and in such a minute manner, that we feel that since we have planned out everything, it’s going to be a success and it’s going to turn out exactly as we have imagined it.

And yet sometimes these plans don’t work out. Sometimes these calculations turn out to be wrong and sometimes it happens because we did something wrong and sometimes it happens because of circumstances which were unaccounted for.

Talking about wrong calculations, of course being wrong is a major issue. But that is something that we can control, that is something that is within us that, we can think about, we can ponder upon, that we can work on, but it’s the unaccounted circumstances that derail the entire process, that make those calculations wrong that ultimately proves us wrong.

When our calculations go wrong or basically, when our plans go wrong, or haywire, we have a choice when we think that why is this happening to me? How could I not see it beforehand? How could I not predict this? How could I not account for this?

You could dwell about what has happened and what could have happened differently, or the second option is to not think about the unaccounted circumstances, whatever it is. Let it happen. Let the plan go haywire, but You should be ready as an individual that no matter what comes your way, no matter what happens, whether everything is going according to your plan or not, you will adapt to the situation.

Irrespective of whether you could predict it beforehand, or the fact that you didn’t factor it in before, you will adapt to it and work around whatever is then happening. That is the mindset that you should have.

Most of our calculations are going to go wrong in our lifetime. Most of our plans are going to go haywire. But what are you going to do about it? Think about it, think of the mindset you currently have versus what you should have.


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