Productive Guilt

Productive Guilt

As productive as we want to be, as disciplined as we want to be, as focused as we want to be, in our day to day lives, sometimes we want to relax as well.

Sometimes we want to take a break.

But in some instances, even when everything is planned and scheduled and prepared for, sometimes we are not able to execute.

At such instances, we feel guilty. Guilty of not being productive. Guilty of wasting our time. Guilty of not doing anything.

That is what I call the productive guilt.

It is something that is negative for us, makes us feel bad about ourselves, creating negative emotions within, criticizing ourselves.

But, why feel the guilt at all?

Why not create a balance?

Why not take a break in between hours, days, and weeks and months?

Why force yourself to be productive at the moment when you’re not feeling it? Because when you’re feeling it, when you’re all in, then there’s no stopping you.

Instead of feeling the guilt, it’s more about understanding your emotions, more about scheduling your day and your life in general, knowing what you want and when you want it, and then acting accordingly.

Something like this removes the guilt, lets us be in the moment, and enjoy life too.


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