Not a single day goes wasted

Not a single day goes wasted

Some days you feel you didn’t accomplish much that day…

Some days you feel you weren’t able to check off the items from your to do list…

On such days you feel disappointed, you feel dismayed, you feel the day was such a waste…

The question to now ask is, was it truly wasted?

Sometimes we focus on what we didn’t do and that overclouds what we did do and what we did have. Sometimes to remember those things at the end of the day also becomes the key moment of our day.

– Did we have our food on that particular day?

– Did we spend some time with our loved ones?

– Did you do something for yourself this day? (can be anything)

Some basic questions makes us realize that not a single day goes wasted, there’s always something to cherish and be grateful for.

Moreover, there are several moments, deemed good or bad, but are a lot to learn from, and those moments make us learn a lot in micro and macro.

Perspective Matters, how you approach a particular day matters… Not a single day goes wasted!

Two Sides to a Story

Two Sides to a Story

Listening to an individual’s point of view, one might jump to conclusions.

Prejudice takes over, stereotypes take over, society narratives take over and here we are, already at the conclusion of the topic.

But before that happens, an important thing we must realize is, there are two sides to a story, always, or not, but most of the times.

Before jumping to conclusions and before choosing a side, both sides must be heard and that’s the least we can do.

Ask yourself what is wrong

Ask yourself what is wrong

A lot of times, when something is going wrong in our lives, we start wondering what is even going wrong.

And to add to that, our perspective doesn’t seem to align to someone else’s point of view to understand what is wrong.

What can you do then, in such a scenario?

Can you continue to be wrong?

Or do you want to correct yourself?

How we live clouds our judgement of thinking making us think that all we do is right and nothing can be wrong.

You’re not able to entertain another person’s point of view to change this perspective.

At such times, you need to ask yourself what is wrong, what can be wrong, what can I do differently?

You need to look at yourself in a third person’s shoes, look at your situation from a third perspective – understand how it looks from that scenario, what someone else would’ve done vs what you’ve done.

Often, looking at situations from a third perspective helps to right our wrongs. And only because we aren’t able to change our thinking, our approach or even knowing that we could be wrong too.

Asking yourself what can be wrong changes those things.


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Perspective has changed, hasn’t it?

Perspective has changed, hasn’t it?

With everyone that is happening around us, the social distancing, the home isolation, the panic and the chaos, everyone’s perspective towards life has changed, hasn’t it?

We had a different perspective of looking at life earlier, when everything was normal. It was all relax and chill, focused on short-term planning and long-term planning. But, revolved around planning and planning.

Now, with this pandemic, hitting masses on such a scale, now when it comes upon yourself, then everything changes. Now it becomes, why was I focusing on this, does that even matter, and that perspective changes. Do you agree?

Sure, work is important, goals and ambitions are important, still are, but things like this make you question that you cannot leave things for the future. You cannot postpone something for tomorrow, because is there a tomorrow?

You got to do what you want right now. That is the perspective that I take away from this. You need to express your feelings, instead of keeping them bottled up. You need to pursue your dreams right now, because when else. You need to be with the ones you want to, right now, not in the future when there will be more time in your hands.

Who knows what happens 5 years later? You have to take that step right now and just take the leap, in whatever sector of life you were hesitating with.

Life is important, life is precious, life is about now. Living now, living in the present, not the past, not the future.

This should always have been the perspective, but even if it changes now, why not, better late than never.

Sharing your goals with others!

Sharing your goals with others!

What have you heard about sharing your goals with others?

Well, let me tell you what the “society” says.

Don’t share them with anyone. Keep it to yourself.

To think of it, why is it said so?

Because someone else will do it before you?

Because someone having this knowledge will hinder your progress?

Well, my thoughts resonate the other way round. I don’t think that the world should work like this.

I’m all-in about sharing your goals with others.

Why do I think so?

Firstly, at times, your goals and ambitions are not clearly defined. When you share, you end up talking about it more and more.

Because of this, you tend to understand more clearly what you want to do, why do you want to it and you’re able to streamline the process more easily.

Secondly, the more you share, two things tend to happen – one, people start supporting you and pushing you more towards achieving it.

This also leads to real-time support too, in the form of partnerships and collaborations, which wouldn’t have happened organically in the first place.

More importantly, if your goal is something worth achieving and you share the journey behind it, others also get inspired to set a goal for themselves.

In my opinion, everyone should share their goals – be open about it – if you’re confident with what you’re doing and more importantly, why you’re doing it, then neither anyone else nor you should have any problems with it.


Perspective matters.

How do you approach a particular situation in life depends on your perspective!

You can approach a negative situation with a macro positive perspective of life.

You can approach a positive situation with a micro negative perspective of life and not enjoy the positive results at all.


It all depends on you. Your perspective decides who you are and who you want to be, how you’d like to move forward in life.

You have the power to change that perspective, if you want to, if you feel it’s not in the right direction! And it all starts with your mindset!


Perspective matters.