Repetition of an Idea

Repetition of an Idea

How many times have you noticed a particular idea executed repetitively over time?

You feel you’ve already seen this before, or why should I read or consume this again? You feel why did this person imitate an idea already done before?

But, when you think of it, you peel off all the layers, and you boil everything down to its bottom-est layer, and you notice that there are a handful of ideas which have been broken down into, created layers of, and served into hundreds and thousands of ideas.

Sometimes, the roots of an idea remain the same, but what becomes different from person to person and from time to time are two things –

A. Every individual brings their set of perspective to the table. How they perceive the world and what they think the world provides to them is how they filter these ideas and express it through their lens, with a fresh set of eyes.

B. Now, there are some, who have an extra zest of curiosity within them who experiment with every idea, observe it in the open, and then combine multiple ideas into one packaged new idea, a layer someone didn’t think of before.

Either of the scenarios allow everyone to be introduced to newer ideas, to newer perspectives, to newer point of views, and to evolve with these ideas over time.

Whenever you dismiss of an idea being repetitive (some people just copy and paste but that’s an entirely different point altogether), just try and look at what could be different and what you can learn from it.