Inner Pollution

Inner Pollution

As much as the exterior environmental pollution affects us, we often forget about our inner pollution that is affecting us too.

Speaking of the exterior pollution, we know how bad the environment currently is and the kind of changes that’s needed, nonetheless, it’s a collective effort that will actually make the change in that direction.

Said that, the inner pollution within affects us as much as if not more than the outside pollution.

More, because its within us and we have the ability to able to either pollute more or take the stance and clean it for a better inner environment.

So, what is this inner pollution then?

Well, its these negative, toxic, judgemental, egoistic, limiting thoughts that we have within us.

The more thoughts you have of that nature, the more rise in pollution within your head.

This pollution ultimately affects our mind, body and soul and basically everything that we are now and everything that we will be in the future.

To curb that pollution, you need to take that leap of having a positive mindset, a loving mind and heart, a blissful soul.

To get to that point is a journey, just by having a single positive thought or being in a good mood when you feel like it is not the outcome of that process.

It’s a journey that you can choose to be on, to forever curbing and ultimately trying to get rid of that inner pollution in the mind.

Ultimately, wouldn’t you want a clean, healthy mind that helps you grow and evolve constantly?


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