If we don’t learn from the past

If we don’t learn from the past

You can not travel back in time. You cannot change what has already happened. You cannot change its outcome. So there is one option left, to focus on the present and how it influences the Future.

As true as that may be, we cannot forget the past. That past is a part of our life. That past has made our present, however it may be.

Therefore, we must learn everything from the past, as much as we can. Ours and everyone else’s.

History speaks a lot. So when you think about yourself, your past says what you did to get here, and depending on your level of satisfaction, whether you must continue down those same steps or start changing them.

Similarly, thinking about the human race’s history, our country’s history, we understand the culture, the background, the mistakes made, how certain elements of history are always repeated.

The ultimate point being, if we don’t learn from our past, we can never influence our future in a way we want to. Sure the past is the past, but the present is because of the past, and in order to change that future, we must learn from that past so we can make those changes in the Now.

As complicated as that may seem, all answers lie in the past. And we need to learn from it.