Judge, Jury and Executioner

Judge, Jury and Executioner

In life, no matter where you are, on the financial scale or the social scale, or any other scale for that matter, whether any other individual knows you 1%, 5%, or 50%, you’re going to get judged at every point of your life.

There’s going to be a jury, people around you, keeping a lookout at everything you do and probably compare that with someone else.

And in the form of executioner, you have got your laws, government, and media, the external things that have an impact on your life.

But, you can change it all around, if you wish to, and without letting anything affect you, be in control of your life, be the judge, jury and executioner of your own life.

It all starts with you. Your job is to focus on yourself, your path and not on anything else and not let anything else hinder your life decisions.


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