New Perspectives, Thoughts, and Phases of Life

New Perspectives, Thoughts, and Phases of Life

Every individual has multiple phases in their lives, one that they look back to and ponder upon, when a new one begins.

There’s a perspective attached to every phase, of how you perceive things and how you react and respond to them.

Now, your daily thoughts (which decide your actions and outcomes) are all based on that perspective.

If your perspective on a topic is limited to something and you have decided to not look beyond, your thoughts will be as limiting as that and ultimately, that particular phase of your life is then lived in that manner.

Only if you want to outgrow yourself, reach that next level, must you expand your perspective of looking at things, thinking upon them from a broader viewpoint.

Hence, your thoughts will widen as well and because of cause and effect will your phase of life get affected in a positive and evolving manner as well.

These three areas are correlated and have a cause and effect impact on each other. To improve one, you must work on the other and the process is cyclical, which is then repeated to every phase of your life.