The Other Side of the Coin!

The Other Side of the Coin!

Heads or Tails!

There are always two sides to a coin!


However, the thing is…

Either or, you’re always on the either sides of it.

That is called having an opinion.

But here’s how the other side of the coin comes into play!

No matter the topic

There’s always another opinion either pro or against that topic.

Bottom line being, there are always two sides to the picture, two opinions, both think they are right in their own ways, both having polar opposite opinions and thoughts.

Although, like there are two sides to the same coin, here too, you need to respect the other person’s opinion, you need to have empathy for the other person and know that you have an opinion based on the knowledge you have and the same for the opposite party too.

You need to hear them out and take their opinions into picture and then conclude with your results.

The definition of ‘Opinion’

The definition of ‘Opinion’

Everyone holds people’s opinions on a pedestal and base their lives around it!

However, have you ever read the definition of an ‘opinion’?

A view or a judgement formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge.

The opinion is not based on facts neither does the person have the 100% knowledge of your life?

Then why are these opinions so important?

Think about it.

Society’s Success Checklist – Have you checked your boxes?

Society’s Success Checklist – Have you checked your boxes?

Looking for society’s approval? Check those three boxes, or chase until you can check those three boxes and the society will term you as successful.

• How do you define success?
• Who has the right to decide if someone is successful or not?
• Does getting another person’s approval necessary to term yourself successful?

Having read case studies on various entrepreneurs, listening to their podcasts, read their books, watched their interviews and the majority of them describe happiness as success.
It’s how you determine success for yourself that will decide how happy you are.

If you live a healthy life, with people around you whom you love and care for, if you adore your work, then you’re the most successful person you know.