Opinions Change!

Opinions Change!

Every time, there’s an ounce of shock and astonishment when a person says or does something contrary to what they did or said a while back!

The usual response is, weren’t you doing it the other way before.

Well, as a matter of fact, every day, every week, every year, with the amount of information we consume and the more we learn, the more we experiment and the more we grow,

Also results into our habits changing, our lifestyle changing and not to forget, our opinions changing as well.

It is very likely for anyone’s opinion to change from A to G or H to P based on whatever they’ve learnt in that time.

A change in opinion usually means the person has evolved then before, they’ve grown.

So instead of tearing up apart the person for the change, appreciate that they’ve had more knowledge about something and then took that plunge to change.