My Top Songs/ Movies/ Shows and more of 2021

My Top Songs/ Movies/ Shows and more of 2021

As 2021 comes to an end and having watched a ton of movies and shows, plus listening to music and podcasts, this is a list of, according to me, my top songs, movies, shows, podcasts of 2021.

Here we go…

Top 5 Malayalam Films of 2021 –

1. Drishyam 2
2. Joji
3. Nayattu
4. Kurup
5. Malik

Top 5 Tamil Films of 2021 –

1. Master
2. Maara
3. Jai Bhim
4. Karnan
5. Sarpatta Parambarai

Top 5 Hindi Films of 2021 –

1. Shershaah
2. Sardar Udham
3. Sherni
4. Sandeep aur Pinky Faraar
5. Sooryavanshi

Top 5 Telugu Films of 2021 –

1. Most Eligible Bachelor
2. Love Story
3. CinemaBandi
4. Thimmarusu
5. Ala Vaikunthapurramuloo (2020)

Top 10 English Films of 2021 –

1. Zack Snyder’s Justice League
2. The Mauritanian
3. Pig
4. The Harder they Fall
6. King Richard
7. Don’t Look Up
8. tick, tick… BOOM
9. Belfast
10. Spiderman: No Way Home

Top 10 Indian Songs of 2021 –

1. Kutti Story [Master] (Tamil)
2. Lagan Laagi Re [Songs of Love – Amit Trivedi] (Hindi)
3. Raataan Lambiyan [Shershaah] (Hindi)
4. Leharaayi [Most Eligible Bachelor] (Telugu)
5. Nenjame [Doctor] (Tamil)
6. Saranga Dariya [Love Story] (Telugu)
7. Rang Lageya (Hindi)
8. Lut Gaye (Hindi)
9. Aashiqui Aa Gayi [Radhe Shyam] (Hindi version)
10. Theerame [Malik] (Malayalam)

Top 10 International Songs of 2021 –

1. Amaraya (Lucky Ali x Botzer)
2. The World We Left Behind (KSHMR x Karra)
3. Astronaut in the Ocean (Masked Wolf)
4. Anita (Armin van Buuren x Timmy Trumpet)
5. Gone Are The Days (Kygo x James Gillespie)
6. Cadillac (Morgenshtern x Eldzhey)
7. Sorry (Alan Walker x ISAK)
8. Follow You (Imagine Dragons)
9. On The Way (Russ)
10. Sideways (Illenium x Valerie Broussard x Nurko)

Soundtrack Album of the Year – Zack Snyder’s Justice League

Top 5 Indian TV Shows of 2021 –

1. TVF’s Aspirants
2. Ray
3. Aarya 2
4. Potluck
5. Jeet ki Zid

Top 10 International Shows of 2021 –

1. Schitt’s Creek
2. Cobra Kai
3. Only Murders in the Building
4. Succession S3
5. Mare of Easttown
6. Dave
7. The White Lotus
8. Down to Earth with Zac Efron
9. Midnight Mass
10. What We Do in the Shadows

Top 10 Podcasts of 2021 –

1. My First Million
2. Sway/ Pivot
3. Armchair Expert
4. HBO’s Succession Podcast
5. Naan Curry
6. Renegades: Born in the USA
7. The Ranveer Show
8. Cyrus Says
9. Variety Awards Circuit
10. The Big Shots – Dosa King

Top 5 Performances of the Year –

1. Fahadh Faasil (Joji/ Malik)
2. Sushmita Sen (Aarya 2)
3. Andrew Garfield (tick, tick… BOOM)
4. Vicky Kaushal (Sardar Udham)
5. Nicolas Cage (Pig)

RTHReviews: Only Murders in the Building

RTHReviews: Only Murders in the Building

Quirky, comical, and fun is how I’d describe this show.

But what is Only Murders in the Building about?

Here’s the synopsis:

Three strangers share an obsession with true crime and suddenly find themselves wrapped up in one. When a grisly death occurs inside their exclusive Upper West Side apartment building, the trio suspects murder and employs their precise knowledge of true crime to investigate the truth.

Steve Martin, Martin Short, and Selena Gomez, the trio are beyond fabulous, their chemistry is definitely the highlight of the show… And Steve’s and Martin’s comical timing (even in the most unexpected of places) is so much fun to watch.

There was a podcast that was running alongside the show’s episodes, where they highlighted the behind-the-scenes process and focused on the writers etc, and it was intriguing to see the amount of work that was put in, considering it’s not just a comedy show, there’s the murder mystery aspect as well (the central point of the show).

The balance between the mystery and the comedy is, I guess, the key to why everyone’s raving about the show.

There are twists and turns, the comedy and the constant hunt for the clues make the show such a fabulous watch and a great mood booster as well.

If you have heard about it, or if you haven’t either way, you should definitely give this a watch. Meanwhile, awaiting season 2.

“Embrace the Mess”

“Embrace the Mess”

The beauty of film/tv and storytelling is that it has the power to move and influence you, change your perspective, the power to change your approach towards anything.

One such incident occurred while I was watching this TV show, ‘Only Murders in the Building’, and without giving any spoilers, there was this line in the show that just stayed with me, “Embrace the Mess”.

It got me thinking about the mess in our lives, in every area of our lives, and how our life is surrounded with any and all kinds of mess.

Most of the times, we are overwhelmed with this mess, and usually our first approach is to clean this mess so we can have clarity where there was none, or to blame this mess for things not turning out the way we wanted.

But, how many times do we think of embracing this mess? Making it a part of our lives and then driving through it? Instead of letting it hamper our path, making it the road for us to drive through?

Now, instead of this mess overpowering our lives, we’re in control, we have embraced these moments of our lives, and we can decide how do we want to move forward.

To acknowledge this mess, let alone embrace it is one of the biggest steps for anyone to take. It is difficult to accept that our life is in chaos, and to then think of these moments and situations and then embracing them as well, but then what is the better choice, to acknowledge and embrace, or to let it control us?

(P. S. There’s no one definition to explain this ‘mess’. Each individual has their own kind of mess in their lives, everyone defines it differently, and it affects each one differently. You get to decide what is mess for you and what isn’t.)