One Week into Clubhouse (App Review)

One Week into Clubhouse (App Review)

Since the third quarter of 2020, the biggest noise amongst all the media platforms was made by this app called Clubhouse.

What is it actually? “Clubhouse is an invitation-only social media app for iOS and Android where users can communicate in voice chat rooms that accommodate groups of up to 5,000 people. The audio-only app hosts live discussions, with opportunities to participate through speaking and listening.”

The who’s who of the entrepreneurial community, pop culture, sports, you name it and there was a known figure speaking in one of the rooms (that has significantly reduced though as the time has passed).

For the longest time Clubhouse was exclusive to iOS, until about May 2021 when they finally rolled out the Android version globally. May 21st was when the Android version released in India and also my first day on the app.

They took such a period of time to launch the version for Android, join in the news of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Spotify now working on the same feature, I did have my doubts about the app and whether the hype cycle was over.

As I browse the app on the first day, being a person of varied interests and not looking for just a single interest of rooms, I was amazed at the variety of topics being discussed on the app.

  • You have tens and hundreds and thousands of people speaking and listening in a room, interacting with each other, sometimes its a discussion on a topic, sometimes a debate, other times its a musical room or a game room, or just a room for networking. Moreover, the rooms on mental health and positivity are to look out for. The topics that are happening or the ones that can happen, the potential is enormous.

  • Top that with interacting with anyone, from anywhere in the country or the world. The moderators of the room do a top job with the running of the room and handling those who speak, ensuring the room is being run in a safe space.

  • Which brings me to my third and an important point, the Clubhouse room vibes are quite positive and refreshing, and the energy you feel makes you want to listen (even if you’re not the one who’s speaking, which is absolutely fine).

  • A fourth point, before we move on to the downside of the app, you don’t have to necessarily speak at all. Just listen. There’s so much to learn. Diverse opinions. Points of view. Different cultures, nationalities. You can just listen to it and take it all in.

Now that we have spoken all the good things about Clubhouse (and I’m sure there are more), let’s have a look at the downside or say the cons of using the app.

  • I’m currently averaging 6+ hours on Clubhouse on a daily basis, whether actively or in the background, but that’s the time range. And I’ve never used any social media platform, ever before, for that much. Now that’s good for the app, but definitely not for the user.

It almost feels like you’re in a garden and you want to wander around, looking at different flowers, well, that’s Clubhouse.

  • Spoiler alert, it definitely screws up your sleep cycle as well. And well, sometimes your focus is lost from other things, because you’re on Clubhouse.

  • Another downside from what I scanned through, listening is good, but also know whom you’re listening to. There are too many rooms, and one can get easily manipulated into a point of view or a perspective they initially didn’t believe in. So read the room, read the speakers and then soak in everything.

  • One more thing that will be seen in the coming months is, how does Clubhouse hold itself when the other platforms’ launch their audio features (as Twitter has already done) and how distributed the audience becomes.

That’s my one week into Clubhouse. *checking myself into the app again*