Off Days

Off Days

Sometimes you’re just not feeling it, sometimes it’s just one of those days, it’s not a recurring thing, but once in a while such a day comes by. I call it, the off day.

These off days, when they come by, aren’t about feeling unmotivated or about being unfocused in the macro, but in the micro, may be so.

On such days, you aren’t interested in anything or anyone. What keeps you going are your habits that you stick by, for some that might not be the case. But usually, the habits keep you on track, other than that you’re just off balance.

Either due to exterior circumstances or maybe because of interior struggles, something ticks off these off days.

It could be a single day, or it could turn out to be a few days or even more, but that switches from being off days into something that should be addressed.

Usually, you just have to wait for this feeling to get over or rather the day to get over… and eventually you just snap back into momentum the next day and you realize it was just an off day.