Not thinking about the present, past or future

Not thinking about the present, past or future

Aren’t we in a constant turmoil, always thinking about what’s going on, what’s going to happen next, how to plan for it, what happened before, etc.

Either in the form of memories, or tasks to do, or how something is affecting us, we are always thinking about the present, past, or future. Always.

That turmoil affects someone more who wants to be in control, who doesn’t want to let the situation control them, and eventually thinking more than others about everything in these three time scenarios.

It’s now of course very easy to say this, but what takes an enormous amount of practice and patience, but even a minute worth of not thinking about the past, present, or future is worth it.

To not think about yourself or how anything affects us, or anything that needs to be done, just to be with yourself and to stay in that silence, even if it’s for a minute is definitely a feeling hard to describe. But one that brings great solace to your mind and to you.