No Resolutions for 2022

No Resolutions for 2022

It has become a yearly ritual to make our resolutions when the new year is upon us; some people don’t start something if it’s October or November, thinking they’ll make it as a resolution and then start on January 1st.

One of the biggest drop rates in the entire world is that of new year resolutions because even if there’s a miracle and someone starts on the first of the new year, they don’t get past the fourth or the fifth day continuing the same. What’s the use of these resolutions then?

Moreover, from what we have seen in the last two years, or rather what this pandemic has taught us is to not set extremely high expectations for such short periods of time.

Instead of seeing our progress in a yearly pattern, and expecting to tick-off our wishlist items in a particular year, how about an approach of no resolutions for 2022?

For context, your daily progress and your life progress is still something you’d count, but just not in terms of a year, nor setting January 1st or 365 days as the target. Daily progress to understand how you get better or improve or just do something every day; life progress means to have a vision in mind and to walk on that path, and evaluating that path as a whole, thus not settling to have a year as a backdrop for the progress path.

Now, instead of relying on these “traditional norms” of new year resolutions, progress is still important to you, but now you have no expectations or pressure or delays or time limits irrespective of how a particular year turns out to be, and the occurrences of that year.

Why do New Year Resolutions fail?

Why do New Year Resolutions fail?

Why do New Year Resolutions fail? With 2021 approaching, you may have set your new year resolutions and may have certain expectations for the year. However, here’s the catch!

In the hype of starting fresh or doing something new on the first day of the new year, we plan a lot of things for this one day, the 1st of January.

And now you’ve created this pressure for yourself, to do all of this or your year won’t have the start you were looking for. And when you were able to do only half of it, or for some people, none of it is when you get disappointed and frustrated and you carry those emotions for the next few days or weeks as well.

What can you do differently to succeed at your new year resolutions is what this video is about.


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