My Top 5 Podcast Episodes of 2020

Having touched upon my top 10 blogs of 2020 (in my previous blog post here), it only makes sense to touch upon my podcast as well, which I started in the second half of the year, and being a daily one, ended up doing 120 episodes (until I took a break from it, on December 17th).

The podcast is called, ‘Mindset Marketing Movies – an RTH24 podcast’, a one-of-a-kind short-form podcast in India, done on a daily basis, with a single focus to change your life. Whether it is life lessons, or mindset tips, or marketing tricks, or lessons from movies, this podcast is all of that.

So, here are my top 5 podcast episodes of 2020
(the episodes redirect to Spotify, however, if you’d like to check them on the other platforms, you can do so here)

A. Ability v Desire
We have goals in life, we have ambitions in life. We have desires to fulfill and live that lead up to those ambitions and goals. However, the bigger question that we often forget to ask ourselves in this fantasy, is a question of ability vs desire.

Listen here.

(There’s a part two to the episode as well)

B. Everything about you can be Changed
Whether with regards to our lifestyle habits, our personal or professional lives, we feel that we are the way we are. Or some things about us cannot be changed. That is simply not true. In this episode of Mindset Marketing Movies, I take a deep dive into this mindset and give you a different take on the topic.

Listen here.

C. The Hypocrisy of Free Content
What is this hypocrisy of free content? Why is it that people want free stuff but they don’t value it? This episode is not a rant, I promise. I, however, take a deep dive into this hypocrisy and share my thoughts and observations on the same.

Listen here.

D. Self-Awareness starts with…
Everyone wants to become self-aware, but no one knows how to start that journey. In this episode, I share how can you individually initiate that process of becoming self-aware by yourself. I do hope that it helps you out and helps in you becoming aware of who you are, your choices, your decisions, and everything about your life as well.

Listen here.

E. The 3Es of Inspiration
Inspiration is not something that you force, but something that you attract, especially when you need it in your life. But how do you find the perfect inspiration for yourself? How do you get inspired? In this episode, I share the 3Es that will help out with the process of finding the right kind of inspiration for yourself.

Listen here.

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