A 610 Day Break and Back to the Theatres

A 610 Day Break and Back to the Theatres

To watch hundreds and thousands of films, to be interested in all kinds of genres, to be constantly updated with all the news around the sector, and moreover, to analyze every film (not just as a watcher) – but in depths from the writers’ point of view, the director’s point of view, the actors’ point of view, amongst all of this, I definitely consider myself a movie animal.

Every now and then, a film excites me to a point where I have to rush to the theatres to give it a watch, and that process has now expedited with the rise of the OTT platforms. But then again, the experience of watching a film in the theatre is always going to be different and special.

That process was unfortunately halted because of the pandemic, and in the midst of all the lockdowns, everyone flocked to their screens to watch all the content. And now, in October 2021, when finally things seem to feel better in a long long time, everything starts to relax in the outer environment and the cinemas reopen too.

As excited as I am with that news, my first instinct was to check everything that is released and also count the number of days when I last visited a theatre. That count came to an even 610 days.

The date is October 22, 2021. The theatres reopen. The films are back on the big screen. With all the bookings made, we make an extravagant plan, to not watch one, not two, but three films on the same day to mark our return.

With a number of great films that we waited to watch, here we are now in the queue to watch Venom 2: Let There Be Carnage on the IMAX screen. The excitement is at a high, with all the promos coming along and there the film begins.

With a few unfortunate situations that occurred from the particular theatre, we were determined to make this a grand day, irrespective of the hindrances that fall along our way.

Here Venom 2 ends, and with a few hiccups, we are next in line to watch Shang Chi: The Legend of the Ten Rings (one has to stay updated with the Marvel Cinematic Universe) and to end our day with Daniel Craig’s last outing as Bond, No Time to Die.

In all a 15 hour process, more or less, from the start to then getting back… A memorable day indeed, having watched some great films on this comeback day and now sitting the next day, writing their reviews. The only thing that awaits is that next big release and to then return to the place I love, the theatres.