More Writing, More Depth

More Writing, More Depth

How do you observe something at a deeper level? How do you notice what’s beneath the surface? How do you break the structures of these walls that are built around you and start asking questions?

The answer to that lies in writing.

The more you write, the more you understand your thoughts. You start laying down all these thoughts, you start connecting them, you start observing layers you didn’t before, you start pondering about different things here and there, and then comes the depth.

With more writing, not in a single day, but with practice and observation, comes more depth. The more you write, the more you think, the more you question, the more answers you seek.

Something on like, on such a deeper level, doesn’t come with your own thoughts, or by communicating with someone, but laying it all brick by brick and then witnessing this structure that you’ve built.

Whether you write for yourself personally, or you write publically like this blog, every time it unlocks something different in you, especially more, when you write with a purpose of why are you even writing it.