The Unsatisfactory Mindset

The Unsatisfactory Mindset

All we want is more and more and more… As humans sought survival back in the day, all they wanted was food, clothes and shelter. As we evolved, came the concept of capitalism and marketing and stories, and everything got divided into those three sectors.

Even you if are having three meals every day, all you will see is one picture on a platform and you’ll get unsatisfied with what you’re having… This is how we have come to be.

Just one example doesn’t seem enough though… You might have just bought a piece of clothing and you’ll see a friend of yours buy something expensive from this “fancy” brand and you’ll become disinterested in what you’ve just bought instead of being excited to wear it.

When will it ever be enough? Never. Because capitalism and marketing always allow for someone to have an upper hand and for someone to be able to afford something and vice versa. Can we then blame the brands for doing this? Again, no… Because capitalism and they get to exploit that.

Here comes the unsatisfactory mindset. The unsatisfactory mindset that’s instilled within, because of which we are never satisfied with anything we buy, anything we do or experience… There’ll be comparisons and something better or worse and someone sharing their experiences on a public platform.

That mindset has also come up because of every single piece of marketing that you have heard and seen repetitively since childhood and then as a community, your peers fall for it and then talk about what’s better and what’s not. With every step that’s taken, that unsatisfactory mindset seeps in deeper than before until the point where you’re never satisfied with anything now.

To get beyond that, to reach a point of satisfaction, and for that mindset to change, what needs to change is the story you tell yourself and how that story affects how you love your life.

What is the story about?
– A story about gratitude, where you’re grateful for the things that you already have and for things that you get to do.
– A story about the hard work and efforts that you’ve put in to reach the point where you’re at right now.
– A story about how so much of everything is just marketing and media manipulation and how can you learn to not get affected by it.
– A story about being secure with yourself and what you stand for, which also means not comparing with others, and not caring for what they do.

To reach a point of satisfaction doesn’t mean not doing anything. It means to be satisfied with what you get to do, without caring for anything else. It takes practice to get rid of that story that’s seeped into put minds and how it’s become habitual to think that way and to act that way, but there’s another side to it that comes with a mindset of satisfaction.

The cost of a third choice

The cost of a third choice

You have two choices, A or B.

You must make a decision and choose one.

So now you weigh the pros and cons, or the advantages and disadvantages, or however else you’d like to compare the two choices.

But, now you’re in a conundrum. You cannot decide. You like A. You like B. It all seems difficult now.

In order to lessen the confusion, you think, “How about a third choice?”

A third choice may make the matter easier. When you come up with that third choice, everything will get cleared and you assume you’ll go with C in that scenario.

Now you work and think of a third choice. But, here’s another issue… By the time you were thinking about the third choice, you lost out on the first two choices. There’s no way to choose them anymore.

And that’s the cost of the third choice.

Either due to a lack of decision making or due to this need for perfectionism, you weren’t able to decide on the former two choices that were readily available to you.

You just had to make a decision and it was all done. But the want to have more choices, the want to have everything perfect, that wait to have more made you lose on the two choices (that were according to you) and that you could’ve chosen.

The cost of the third choice is an expensive one, one that occurs time and again,

– if we don’t drop the idea of perfect,

– if we don’t level up our decision-making skills,

– if we don’t truly understand what we want in the first place.

Breaking down every aspect of our mindset

Breaking down every aspect of our mindset

Breaking down our mindset is such an exciting and interesting process that it cannot be explained in mere words. We are, from childhood, programmed to function in a particular way, every decision we make is based on how it would look in the society we live in. Not just the decisions, but even our thought process is programmed similarly, which is also why different human beings with different tastes may look similar when in a group because they approach life similarly.

What do we think? What’s the foundation of our thoughts and our ideation and our decision making? Why do we think in a certain way? Do we feel challenged or welcoming when approached with opposite thoughts than our own? The topic of one’s own mindset is so beautiful to dissect, but one should definitely do it on their own (with better learning and preparation).

When you break down every aspect of our mindset, we start to learn everything about our life, past, present, and future. How we have lived our life, the steps we have taken and the decisions we have made, the decisions that went wrong, and to actually break down the why behind it all breaks down our mindset into how did all of it come into the picture. Where did it all originate from? While now you may be functioning in a pattern, every pattern has had to originate from somewhere and then you kept on repeating it until it became a part of your identity.

To find out the origin means you find out your influence, whether it is from another person, from looking at the society as a whole or from your education system or from what you consume (content). Everything influences you somehow and eventually becomes a part of how you function.

Every bit compiled together then becomes your mindset, how you approach life, micro and macro. What path will you be walking, what will your approach be when a setback or difficulty arrives, how open are you towards your change and so much more can all be determined through your current mindset.

These are only a few aspects to pinpoint, but everything whether personal or professional, whether your ideation or execution, your direction, your communication, your relationships, your goals or vision or process of living life, everything comes from your mindset.

To then break down every aspect of it thus makes your process of living life much more beautiful than before, because now you understand the why behind everything, the foundation of it, you’re now in control and controlling your steps and actions based on how you have styled your mindset. (in comparison to an already programmed mindset which didn’t serve you to your benefit, or was programmed already for you)

The list of things you’re owed

The list of things you’re owed

Many a time, quite frequently actually, people feel, in various aspects and phases of their lives, that they’re owed something. Owed not in return for something, but just generically they’re owed something that needs to be given to them.

In quite a few scenarios, these people become quite demanding to receive something, to an extent where they’d tear down the other individual if they don’t give in. Again, this is not a transaction, but an expectation that is taking place. Bring into the picture, entitlement, mixed with a lack of accountability, and now it’s easy to put the blame on someone else, it’s easy to not put in the work yourself, and even easier to stay in this dreamed state of expectations. It’s always easy to demand and get by force than to wait patiently and work for it and then get the outcome from the process you’ve worked towards.

In reality, unless a transaction is taking place, which is agreed upon, there’s no logic or an arising situation that states that someone is owed something from someone. But, the problem originates with this sense of entitlement that is rooted so deep within oneself, that one, it’s difficult to acknowledge, two, it’s difficult to change, and three, the individual becomes even more defensive when it’s pointed out.

Because an individual did something once, now there’s an expected demand that the action would be repeated. Because an individual has something, now there’s a demanding framework that their ‘something’ needs to be shared.

While, in reality, the evolving mindset, one which speaks of growth and changes towards a better you, says that no one owes you anything. There shouldn’t be an expectation in the first place, thus no disappointment either. You get what you work for, for what your ask is, where your process has led you to, and everything else that comes in is after. A healthier way of living that doesn’t put doubt and clouded judgements in your mind and doesn’t take away your present to an illusioned reality.

The Ideation Rust

The Ideation Rust

The thing about ideas is that they never pop up randomly, unless… That’s a topic for another day. Today, we focus on the ideation rust and for that, we have to first understand the routine behind it.

You have to ideate something and you start thinking about it… Consciously you remember approximately 20-30% of what’s stored in your brain, thus the subconscious takes over… in the background. The brain knows the order you’ve given it and it’s processing all the information it has, connecting the dots and delivering new information to you that you’ll then skim through to find your next idea. (the idea we talk about could be for anything, but let’s understand it generically first)

Now, for some who have to ideate regularly, maybe daily, maybe once every week, for them it’s a routine where they’re actively or passively always focusing on that next idea – first, getting rid of the bad ones, and hopefully finding that good one in time.

The advantage of a routine is its automatic function, you don’t have to think twice about it, it just happens. The same goes for the ideation process too, especially for whom it’s a constant continuous process.

Now imagine, for some reason, you get a break in this process. If you stop exercising for a week, or a month, it’ll take you a while to get your body rolling again for whatever exercise you’re doing. When this break happens here, it’s the ideation rust. For whatever reason, that continuous automatic process got paused, which will now cause barriers the next time you get that routine going again. The rust has caught on and the ideas won’t flow by as easily as before.

The same amount of effort that you would physically put in to get your workout routine back in motion is something similar to what one would have to do here too, only this time with their brains. The better option to stay away from the ideation rust is to always keep some time for that process, every day, irrespective of its actual requirement in the now.

Knowingly made mistakes

Knowingly made mistakes

Who doesn’t make mistakes? We all make them, from time to time. There are two types of mistakes made though, smaller ones that cause us to adapt towards it and huge ones that cause a massive shift to our lives.

But the smaller and huge ones are quantitative that is defined after they’re made, the real two types are the ones made knowingly and unknowingly.

The mistakes made unknowingly are ones that you haven’t experienced yet and thus they’re being made. They are more likely to be lessons that teach you to not do them again.

The whole point of a mistake is that you aren’t aware of something, and now you are. So with the next try, you’ll do better.

But the knowingly made mistakes are the ones that hurt the most. Those are ones that you may have experienced before or maybe you have not, but you definitely have the knowledge of those. That means you have the skillset to not make those choices the outcome of which you already know.

But, yet, in the heat of the moment, or because of habitual decision-making with regards to a pattern of choices, you decide to do something that turns out to be a mistake, but in a macro perspective, you know where that leads you to. Thus, ‘knowingly made’ mistakes.

Is it resolvable? In theory, yes. Instead of jumping to decisions, maybe taking a step back with a lighter head will help us not to make those choices that will eventually turn into mistakes.

But that is something that has to be programmed within, with practice. Until then, these knowingly made mistakes keep causing the hurt and regret, making that choice made difficult to digest.

The Non-stop Mental Chatter

The Non-stop Mental Chatter

It’s a normal workday (even the non-workdays for that matter, just imagine a normal day), you are looking outside the window trying to take a breather and just when you wanted to relax (and not necessarily in a relaxing situation, but other times too), you notice these barrage of thoughts running in your mind, from one topic to another… That chatter is non-stop and even when you’re trying to relax physically, that same choice isn’t available to you mentally.

From random thoughts to looking back at your day or your life to the mistakes you’ve made, the to-do items for the day and henceforth, or even imagining the future of perfect choices made, the range of thoughts running in your mind could be endless.

It isn’t said plainly when there are approximately sixty thousand plus thousands in your head on a daily average. Talk about non-stop!

When do you get the break? When are you able to mentally relax? Is a physical vacation, being on a beach or the mountains, a solution to that? While the answer to the first two questions is solvable or rather, practicable with the solution at hand, the answer to the third question is a definite no.

Irrespective of whether that voice in your head is a supportive one or not, and whether your perspective is healthy or not, the chatter continues at its pace.

But, there are a few things that can be done to limit its supply, to direct the flow, to have the ability to mentally relax for a while…

1. For many, journaling has been one that has made a fair share of impact – because it gives you a real glimpse of your life and not the what-ifs or the imagined scenarios that run through your head, which also lose its grip when the real picture can be read on that paper.

2. The most powerful (proven) tool is meditation – when you meditate for a period of time, not keeping it short to 5 or 10 minutes but more, deeper, and when the mind and body align in that deep meditative state, is when you feel so calm and so peaceful, is also when you truly feel the physical and mental relaxation altogether and a reduction in that chatter.

3. Breath-work has also been another proven technique that keeps you in check, keeps you present, brings you back to staying centered when in a state of stress, anxiousness, frustration, lost thoughts etc.

4. Art has various forms, but the common factor remains the same – when focused and in a state of flow, you forget everything when you’re indulged in that process and you forget about the mental chatter and it’s just you and your art form.

5. While there could be tiny tidbits here and there that could work for a minute, another one that makes the list are nature walks – conscious nature walks. Nature, with the trees around, birds chirping, sky visible, you walking around gives you a vibe where you feel this is everything, and everything else becomes secondary, including the non-stop mental chatter.

While the brain’s function is to have more thoughts, you cannot stop that process – what you can do is direct its flow, direct its quality, and in moments, do things that are not only beneficial to your mind and body, but also give you a break from that chatter like the things listed above.

Expecting other people to think like you

Expecting other people to think like you

All of us, as individuals, have a specific type of thought process. We agree with some on particular points, but we disagree with the same people on other points too. On the points that match, communities get formed. On the points that don’t, is when debates, shouting, abusing, trolling happens.

No two thought processes are the same. And yet, when we have a certain perspective on something, we get annoyed when someone else doesn’t think the same way as ourselves. There’s an entitled expectation that you’re right and other people must or should be having the same thought process as you.

Why the expectation?
Simply because we, as humans, don’t know how to react or respond when others don’t think the same way as you.

The option of two minds simply agreeing to the same point of view sounds much greater than the other option, and it becomes easier to bond and easier to connect.

Everyone has different experiences, different learnings, and that leads to a different point of view and different perspectives, and thus, different thought processes too.

Once that understanding comes in, and once we learn how to proceed when the other individual/s have a different stand than yours, is what leads to healthy and better conversations, bonds and communities.

How can we accept the opposing point of view?
Firstly, by knowing that one cannot be always right. Your opinion originates from somewhere, could be organic or manipulated, and the same goes for the other person too. So there’s also a possibility that both the individuals aren’t right on a certain topic.

This leads to the second point, you have to listen. Only by listening and not responding can you understand the origin of the other individuals’ point of view. Once you listen, then you can take a stand of how you want to respond… This particular point is important because most people start opposing or disagreeing after listening to the headline statement without getting into the context of it.

Thirdly and lastly, we are all humans and we are all different. What makes us unique are our differences, and if there aren’t any differences, then there would be no exciting conversations or experiences.

When a conversation starts, with such a universal point of view, then you know, one you aren’t having the expectation of someone else to think like you, plus you’re ready for a good to-and-fro conversation on anything.

Our thoughts root from 5 categories

Our thoughts root from 5 categories

All our thoughts root from somewhere. There’s an origin to everything, and that applies to our thoughts as well.

Right from the moment we are born, we are collecting information (now we may not remember everything is not of concern). These origins break down into 5 categories:

– Through associations (acquiring information from the immediate and exterior environment),

– through the social constructs (how the society functions to fit in or the set of steps that have been embedded for generations),

– through the biases (the multiple types of lens that the society has continued for generations through which they perceive/ assign people to a certain trait/ characteristic through which they can be judged easily),

– through the traditions and rituals (whether the intent behind those is good or not, and whether they have a good outcome or not is again a different issue, but they’re blindly followed for the sake of “tradition” becomes the issue),

– through the rules and laws (created by a set of humans who came to a consensus regarding the act of another human/s. Again carried through for years, without asking questions, or without updating them with how the kind currently function),

Through all of these things and more, our thinking gets molded in a certain manner, so much so that the majority of people start thinking the same way or rather approach most things about life the same way.

“In terms of their awareness and their understanding of life”

“In terms of their awareness and their understanding of life”

As Robin Sharma wrote about in The 5 AM Club, “everyone alive does the best that they can based on where they’re at in terms of their awareness and their understanding of life.”

Even though I haven’t gotten around to reading The 5 AM Club, I’m aware of Robin Sharma’s previous works, which have had a great impact on my life. So when I was listening to one of his podcast episodes, this particular line from his book came up and immediately struck a chord within me.

All of us are on different paths of life, we have different goals, different processes, different types of thoughts, and different styles of execution. Moreover, our understanding of how people around us operate, including our close ones, is always one of mystery. There are moments when you feel why is that person acting in such a way, or why did that individual not think about this (when it was right in front to notice), or why are we not operating the same way.

Questions of these sorts hit me every now and then, with respect to different moments and different people. Being on a path of figuring out more and more about life, about how our body and mind function, and being curious about the tiniest of things, all those things at an intersection make me constantly question the old methods, make me compare the traditional vs modern methods of doing things, make me understand more and more of human behavior and humanity (in general), those types of questions do come up every now and then, wondering why do people do certain things that aren’t helpful to them, why do they make those decisions that don’t help them grow, why to be on a path because someone else did it too.

But, with respect to each and everything, this simple line that everyone is doing their best of where they’re at “in terms of their awareness and their understanding of life” just hits gold.

They might necessarily not be doing the right thing, but based on this line, in their heads (with the current level of awareness they’ve and their understanding of life), they’re doing the right thing, they’re thinking the right thing, and they’re making their decisions based on that very thing too.

Now, with choice or if they stumble upon it, if they’re able to upgrade their level of awareness, or if they are able to elevate their understanding of life (and are able to see the broader, or rather the truer picture, than what is fed to them), then that changes things.

But, until something of that sort is happening, then well, every individual is going to continue to operate “in terms of their awareness and their understanding of life.”

What the Optimum Scenario should be like?

What the Optimum Scenario should be like?

Every scenario in life has three possible outcomes: the best scenario, the optimum scenario, and the worst scenario.

These scenarios range from the most macro things in life: work, relationships, health to the most micro things in life: waking up in the morning, eating food on time, having a discussion/ argument with someone, meeting a deadline, etc.

Before you take on anything, there’s always a visualized scenario that takes place in your head, those visuals show you the best possible outcome of that particular scenario (that’s about to take place).

Whether that best possible scenario takes place or not is a different issue altogether, but right at the start, that’s what pops up in your head.

Now, as the process begins, you never know what’s going to happen, how much is in your control, and how much you’d have to adapt. That means, in reality, the outcome could go from the best possible scenario to the worst possible scenario.

Usually, when something like that happens, most people go haywire; unable to understand how to proceed, they aren’t able to process their emotions, nor their next steps.

As much as, in most of those visualized scenarios, the best possible scenarios may look the best, and the worst possible scenarios are those you don’t want to think of, especially at the beginning of the process… That leaves you with the optimum scenario.

The best possible scenario leaves you pumped up, and simultaneously, you avoid the thought of the worst possible scenario. But, said that thinking of the optimum scenario could actually be the best option for you, and something that would keep you balanced, irrespective of what happens.

The optimum scenario is playing in the middle, balancing between both of the other scenarios opposite to each other. Planning for that scenario keeps you in control (somewhat), you’re able to plan for steps beforehand, perceive things you wouldn’t have otherwise, and ultimately, stay balanced.

Thinking of the optimum scenario (in advance) means, anything beyond (the optimum) is just icing on the cake for you (that leads to the best scenario). But, anything worse, means you’re not totally disappointed, you probably have a backup (system) in place, and moreover, you’re now in a position to try and salvage as much as you can from the situation.

You’re now standing in a place, which you hadn’t imagined before, but somewhere where you can see what’s happening, plus nothing really surprises you here.

Every outcome can have these three scenarios, then it’s up to you, how you’d like to rewire your thinking, and what kind of a scenario would you like to be thinking about. Every action is followed by a thought, and every thought takes place because of a system (that is designed based on how you think and how you approach things – which is something that can easily be changed or modified).

Creating a system around your day (Part 2)

Creating a system around your day (Part 2)

Yesterday I wrote about how our life and day-to-day is nothing but a set of habits, that eventually becomes our daily routine. If those habits are helpful to you, then eventually the routine keeps you in check.

Here’s a snippet from that post, “During the day, irrespective of how many outcomes were in your favor or not, and how your emotions swung from one to another, and whether you were able to manage them or not, ultimately, your routine keeps you in check.”

Check out that post here:

When you think deeper on it, usually the routine involves one particular habit, followed by another, and another. That chain of habits, which might include waking up and then working out, having your breakfast, getting on with your work, with a break in the middle, having a cup of tea in the evening, and so on, are linked to one another.

But we are all humans, not robots. Sometimes the mood overpowers us, sometimes there could be a priority task that uproots this chain of habits, and a particular one gets left out maybe (for example, working out a particular day).

Here’s when, with self-awareness, understanding your habits work out for you. Understanding your habits isn’t enough, and neither is knowing your routine in and out, the more important thing to do is to create a system around your day.

What does it mean to create a system?

It basically means creating a flowchart of your day (mentally), creating alternative scenarios of your day, creating backups in case a particular habit has to be replaced with another, in case something gets delayed or something important comes up.

Such a system (around your routine) helps to keep you flexible, reduces your rigidity, and keeps you and your day balanced, for whatever may suddenly pop up and make you change everything.

Most people don’t like to change their days every day, knowing what you’ll be doing keeps you organized, and keeps you prepared, you retain some part of your control as well. But that also comes with its challenges, because you never know what might turn up, you have to be ready to adapt, you have to be ready for change.

Those are the moments when this concept of having not just a routine, and not just knowing your set of habits, but having a well-managed system in place comes in handy. It starts with understanding your habits, understanding what you’d want from your day-to-day, and what is necessary and what is flexible, and moreover, how much of it are you able to shuffle around.

The routine keeps you in check

The routine keeps you in check

When you shed all the exterior layers (and stories and distractions), you notice how your day-to-day, your thoughts, and actions, are all habits. Every habit that was once started, maybe without realizing, and now keeps continuing day after day.

These habits in accumulation are what one calls a routine. That routine is what an individual follows, right from the time they wake up to when they sleep. These routines include the part of your personal and professional life and all kinds of activities you do throughout the day.

Some of these particular habits help you grow, some let you cruise along, and some drain you with your energy and time.

With self-awareness, you’re able to notice all of these habits, you can then pick the ones that help you grow and evolve, and can also take the path to replace the ones that don’t.

Moreover, the point to understand is, during the day, irrespective of how many outcomes were in your favor or not, and how your emotions swung from one to another, and whether you were able to manage them or not, ultimately, your routine keeps you in check.

Some days you won’t feel like it, but that routine (especially if it’s one that helps you) brings out something in you that keeps your habits running, and irrespective of the effect of the exterior situations, you are able to keep walking ahead and proceed as you’d wanted to when you had planned this routine (in the first place).

Having a set of habits, eventually accumulated into what becomes a routine, helps you live your day, and the next.

Out of Options

Out of Options

At times we feel we’re out of options. We don’t know what to do. We don’t know how to proceed. It feels like a dead-end.

Everything roots from somewhere and where this particular issue roots from the kind of perspective an individual has… and even though the approach of looking at things can be changed, that is something which can be done on a macro level.

But for someone who hasn’t started that process yet, or hasn’t realized the issue in the first place, what can they do in that particular moment (when they face the issue at hand)?

Just keep an open eye – it’s as simple as that.

All options look closed because we are approaching the situation from that straight-door perspective, thinking the answer will be right in front of us, and we don’t have to look anywhere else.

But at that moment, when you remember to keep an open eye, what you’ll do is not just look for one answer or one path to solving the situation. You’ll now approach with a 360-degree view, keeping your options open, noticing everything, and then coming to a conclusion of what can be done.

And just like that, as time passes, this single smallest step of keeping an open eye will broaden your perspective and ultimately change how you approach things in life (without going for a 5-step program or anything).

Refreshing your Thoughts

Refreshing your Thoughts

All our thoughts root from somewhere. There’s an origin to everything, and that applies to our thoughts as well.

Right from the moment we are born, we are collecting information (now we may not remember everything is not of concern).

– Through associations (acquiring information from the immediate and exterior environment),
– through the social constructs (how the society functions to fit in or the set of steps that have been embedded for generations),
– through the biases (the multiple types of lens that the society has continued for generations through which they perceive/ assign people to a certain trait/ characteristic through which they can be judged easily)
– through the traditions and rituals (whether the intent behind those is good or not, and whether they have a good outcome or not is again a different issue, but they’re blindly followed for the sake of “tradition” becomes the issue)
– through the rules and laws (created by a set of humans who came to a consensus regarding the act of another human/s. Again carried through for years, without asking questions, or without updating them with how the kind currently function),

Through all of these things and more, our thinking gets molded in a certain manner, so much so that the majority of people start thinking the same way or rather approach most things about life the same way.

It becomes programmable, and for most, no one realizes this nor does anyone care. Everyday life, especially the exterior part of it, has been made so chaotic that people are made to think they have no time to think about these things.

So, then one has to get lucky with a certain action (any) that could occur in one’s life which would act as the catalyst for them to realize these things. What follows next is somewhat predictable after a realization of this kind.

That predictability looks something like this, you notice your thoughts from a new perspective, you now look at life differently, what’s real and what’s not is something you notice. You notice what you did before… and what you’d like to do now. So you jot down a plan of action and start implementing those changes and walk on this path of life now.

But that entire process begins when you refresh your thoughts, forget everything for a while, and look at the constructs of this reality that we live in – how much of it is meaningful and how much of it is just for the sake of carrying on.

Finding time to understand yourself

Finding time to understand yourself

How busy do we make our lives, especially with work, to say that we don’t have time for ourselves?

By not having time for ourselves, doesn’t mean not having time to relax or to eat or to escape (some people don’t make time for that too, but that’s a different topic altogether…), but not having time to understand yourself.

We focus on one particular area of life and we say that this is the area we have to grow in, invest all our time there and when the results come and when we are satisfied (which we never will be), then we’ll focus on our personal lives as well.

But the thing about understanding ourselves is more about self awareness about ourself. Understanding what we truly want, and in which area of life, where do we want to invest our time, what type of returns do we want to see.

The more we understand ourselves, the better our relationship becomes with ourselves, with others, the better we’ll be able to balance the personal and professional aspect of our lives.

All that happens with the most important decision any individual can ever take… To take some time to understand themselves (rather than to simply go with the flow or to follow the societal constructs and to let everything happen to you)

How can you have a good 2021?

How can you have a good 2021?

We approach every year with a certain set of expectations, hoping for the year to live up to that level.

We had the same approach for 2020 as well and it took all of us by surprise and literally changed our lives.

However, here’s where it gets tricky though.

In terms of the magnitude of change, this year (2020) sure was a roller-coaster of a ride, but to think of it, not in the same magnitude level, but every year brings with it, its own set of ups and downs.

Enough ups and downs to break your expectations, with you ending up moulding yourself to those and making changes accordingly.

And, that is life.

The expectations we set are always uprooted by something or the other, and what sets us apart is how we then respond to those changes and mould ourself to them.

With such a perspective, when you understand this, then you also get to a point that 2021 could be better than 2020, but it would still have its own set of ups and downs.

And thus, we should not have any special expectations from the year, only to end up feeling disappointed or frustrated that things didn’t turn out like we expected.

Instead, approaching the year with an open mindset, with a plan in place, but also ready when things go haywire. That way, you’re ready for everything 2021 has to offer and you’re prepared for it (mentally).


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Unlimited Options

Unlimited Options

What do you want in life or what can you do to get it, is a question on the minds of many.

What path should you be walking on, which turns to take and when to stop and take a breather?

Now, more than ever, the options are unlimited to decide what you can do and what do you want to do.

Now, you don’t need to do just one thing or even walk on the traditional paths.

With so much exposure to everything, and the potential, the list of options is endless to choose from.

You can experiment, you can try out different things, you can choose and then do multiple things at the same time.

The options are unlimited.

Take your time to figure it out than rushing it out.


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Hope keeps you alive.

Hope doesn’t let you down.

Hope lets you try.

Hope lets you fail and succeed.

Hope keeps humanity alive.

You can only hope.


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In a world full of mirrors

In a world full of mirrors

In a world full of mirrors, where everyone creates a different image in front of others.

In a world full of mirrors, where people have forgotten who they are.

In a world full of mirrors, where people are in a race to better than each other.

Show your true self to yourself and everyone around you.

You’ll become more confident, you’ll have nothing to hide, and you’ll be able to live your truth.

It leads to you living a freer, stress-free life, making decisions for yourself and doing everything for yourself.


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What makes you unique?

What makes you unique?

Every individual has something or the other, that is different from someone else.

That is unique to them.

Could be their personality aspect, their perspective, their creative aspect, their communication style, but there’s always something that makes you particularly unique from others.

Ask yourself that question, whether you’re able to answer it. If not, then that’s something to ponder upon.

That uniqueness could be your strength that you don’t know about yet.


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Starting your Day with a Message

Starting your Day with a Message

There are a ton of distractions throughout our day that makes us lose our focus and keep us occupied elsewhere.

Whenever you start your morning, instead of checking your messages/ emails/ notifications and focusing on what other people want you to focus on, how about you shift it to yourself?

How about you start your day with a message of gratitude that you’re alive, you get to live and conquer another day?

How about you plan your own day’s work instead of checking what other people are working on?

Changing your approach changes the tone of your day as well, it changes your perspective, your control, your focus over your day.

Focusing on yourself now gives you the power to choose what you want to focus on, what you want to spend time on and allows you to be in the moment.


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We have all heard of the word, Karma in our lives, haven’t we?

We can believe in it or not, but we have definitely heard of it.

Now, belief is a different topic altogether and I’m not telling you to start believing in it after reading this today.

But, how about you look at the topic from a different perspective today.

First, let’s understand what Karma is and I’ll be sharing what I got from the internet, for better understanding.

Karma (/ˈkɑːrmə/; Sanskrit: कर्म, romanized: karma, IPA: [ˈkɐɽmɐ] ( listen); Pali: kamma) means action, work or deed; it also refers to the spiritual principle of cause and effect where intent and actions of an individual (cause) influence the future of that individual (effect).

In simple terms, the impact of your future is based on the kind of work you do today.

In another analogy, what you do is what you get.

Karma is then divided into three categories, and for better understanding, I’ll write it in simple English, without going into the details.

Your past actions have resulted into today’s karma – the life you live today.

Your work today affects the karma of tomorrow – the future.

And the future’s karma is based on your present and past actions.

How does it originate?

Karma originates from everything that you think, you do and speak. How you are to others, is what you face in your present and future.

To simplify it even further, how about thinking on it from a logical point of view.

It’s a simple case of cause and effect.

You will get affected by the very same of what you cause in the first place.

Now, when you think of it from that perspective, it isn’t that difficult to fathom, right?

What do you think?

Put good in the world and you shall receive good as well.

Be kind to others and you shall receive kindness as well.

Do good deeds for others and good deeds shall happen to you as well.

Not that we are having any expectations from the deeds in the first place, when it comes from a good heart, but to understand karma, we can think of the above statements to understand it better.


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What’s your next move?

What’s your next move?

If you are ever confused about
– What’s next?
– Can you experiment?
– Should you try something new? or,
– Can you change paths?

Always remember, you have the power to choose your next move!

No one else has that power.

No person, no market trend, or data can decide your next move.

You decide that.

Listen to your heart.

Listen to your intuition.

Listen to your voice.

You always know what to do.


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The soft spot of Perfection

The soft spot of Perfection

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The ones we admire, the ones we compare ourselves to, or compare others to, the ones we seek inspiration from – where does it come from?

We feel they are perfect – perfect in who they are, in what they do, so much so that we almost want to live their lives.

However, we forget that these “perfections” have a ton of baggages attached to them as well, and only the ones who have them know about them.

No one else.

Admirations, Comparisons and Inspirations come from the soft spot of perfection or our illusion of it.

In such a scenario, would you still want to live their life?

Or would you then just learn their ups and downs, live your own life, and try to implement or not implement from those inspirations and admirations?

What would you then choose for yourself?


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Interconnection between your personal and professional life

Interconnection between your personal and professional life

Would you agree that your personal life and your professional life are interconnected?

Your personal life has an impact on your professional life and vice versa as well.

To be more precise, your lifestyle, your habits, your rituals impact your goals and your work. Moreover, how you work, how much you work, how you handle your work has an impact on your life, emotionally and mentally.

If you didn’t agree before, would you agree now that both the lives are interconnected?

When you better your personal life, then your professional life also gets better.

When you work on your personal habits, you then have the ability to work on your work habits as well.

When you change how you think about yourself, the perspective towards your colleagues, your team, your company also changes.

Everything is connected.

Work on one area of your life and the other area has its impact.

How does it all start though?

How can you work on all of this?

It all starts with your own mindset.

Improve yourself, improve everyone around you, improve your surroundings – it’s all a cyclical process.

A cyclical process where you take one step at a time, be patient and work on everything about yourself and let it impact your life for good.


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What is life teaching you?

What is life teaching you?

In every moment of your life, in every situation, in every instance, life teaches you something.

Only if you’re aware of what’s happening to you, can you be aware of these teachings.

These teachings can be in any phase of life, whether relationships, career, goals, finances, anything.

Teachings could be in the way of success or failure, there is a learning in both.

However, your ignorance and distractions can cause you to miss out on them, in turn missing out on your growth, your improvement, your evolution.

You live that moment of your life once, that particular learning happens once, if you learn from it, you can better yourself, if you miss it, it’s going to cost you and no one else.

Albeit if you’re aware, if you’re on the lookout for them, you can learn and understand and implement everything that life is trying to teach you; resulting in you becoming a better version of yourself.


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Watch, Learn and…

Watch, Learn and…

We watch, we learn but we often forget the third part of the equation, which is more important than the other two.

How do we usually consume any information?

It’s either in the form of text, audio or video.

When we consume, and if it’s useful and adding value to our lives, then we reach the second part of the equation, i.e. we learn from it.

We learn the what, why, when and how.

So now that we have watched and learnt from it, let’s come to the third and the most important part of the equation.

And that is to implement it.

Implement that learning to our life.

Use it to our advantage.

Use that piece of information to make our life better, in whatever way we can.

Adding these factors together equal to you growing and evolving and eventually, becoming a better version of yourself.


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Ignorance is Easy

Ignorance is Easy

It’s easy to ignore, it’s easy to say that this isn’t for me, it’s easy to say that this doesn’t suit me.

Those are the easy answers.

What’s difficult is to understand this ignorance.

Understand that you have limited knowledge, you don’t have all the pieces of the puzzle.

That you’re probably ignoring because you’re in your comfort zone and you don’t have to do much in that place.

Anything else outside of that will require efforts.

So why not just ignore and say this isn’t for me?

If you experiment, you try it out, and then you say it isn’t for me, makes sense.

That says you’re ready to try and evolve and keep on improving.

Those are the difficult steps that give you better outputs.

Easy steps start from ignorance.

Whether you’re ignoring or you’re ready to try, depends on you and your mindset.

In the end, it affects your life and no one else’s.


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Living Upside-down for a Day

Living Upside-down for a Day

We live a life of routine, schedules and habits.

Don’t we?

Every day has a certain routine, there are certain habits that you repeat every day, every hour.

And that’s how life is.

A bunch of habits and routine that guides you on the path you’re walking.

However, no matter how much you love it, you love the process, you love the journey, but sometimes you need change.

Sometimes you feel if something could be different.

And that’s where living upside-down for a day comes in.

Not literally upside-down, of course.

But overturning your day, a specific day, completely different than the rest of the days.

The rest of the days, you pursue your dreams, your goals, you live your habits and your schedule.

But this one day, you do none of it. You don’t do any of those routines. You let go of your habits (most of them, at least).

Such a day gives you a different aspect to life, a different glimpse of it.

You get some change, and you then become ready to bounce back.

This day could come once a week, once a fortnight or once a month.

It’s up to you to decide that.

Based on your energy levels, based on how long and how much can you push yourself without feeling burnt out.

But definitely try it out.

Live upside-down for a day.

Just not literally.


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Every action has an equal and opposite reaction

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction

Have you heard of this statement before – Every action has an equal and opposite reaction?

Yes, there’s a lot of scientific significance to it and yes, it’s applicable to most scenarios.

But, today we’re applying its meaning to mindset and learning its significance in that region.

Usually, there are tenseful, aggressive situations between two or more people which start with an action and a reaction.

It doesn’t matter who initiates the action here, as long as there is a reaction which is then equal and opposite to it and thus, leading to those aggressive, verbal or physical, tenseful situations.

What do the equal and opposite reactions mean?

Such types of reactions signify that you’ve given in to the situation and you’re not in control anymore.

These reactions are as bad as, if not worse, the initiated action.

On the contrary, irrespective of the action, when you’re able to hold your cool and analyze the situation before reacting means you’ve evolved and now your response will be better than before, you’ll be in control and technically, there would be no rise to a situation of any kind.

This is of course something that needs to be understood by the initiator as well, nonetheless, if the one reacting can learn as well, then why not.


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Avoiding Burnout

Burnout is not something that you can avoid, but rather something for which you either take steps to control it beforehand or take care of it once it happens.

In most cases, you feel the burnout when you’ve given your all to the process, all your efforts, all your energy, and as an outcome of that process, you feel the burnout.

Irrespective of whether the outcome was in your favour or not.

Burnout is something that can happen anytime, to anyone.

And its not just towards your work or your work timings, but you can feel it towards everything else in life too.

But, how can you avoid it or rather control it before or after?

Well, it starts with becoming self aware of yourself, who you are, your needs, your interests, your energy levels, understanding when you need a break, when do you need to start taking care of yourself, when do you need to take a step back and analyze the entire situation again.

When you realize that the scale isn’t balanced anymore and when it is tilting and it’ll impact you, is when you need to start taking the steps towards it.


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Peeling off the Layers

Peeling off the Layers

Once we know something, we think we know it all, until we ourselves discover something else.

It is then when we realize that what we knew was just the outer layer and there are multiple layers beneath it as well.

You can, at that moment, choose to be content with the outer layer or choose to peel off the other layers and know more.

The more layers you peel off, the more you discover, the more you learn.

It is in that process when you evolve and improve yourself and the path that you were walking on.


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Dependency on External Factors

Dependency on External Factors

Our life is a mixture of internal and external factors that run our life.

Instead of the focus being internal with the help or rather an addition of external, things have just changed over time.

We have become so dependent on external factors to run our life that we have forgotten that the magic is within us.

What is this magic?

It is your mind, body and soul.

It is your thoughts, your emotions, your journey that makes those external factors what they are!

But alas, we don’t think about any of it and rather think its those external things that give us everything we want.

We then desire and crave for those things to live.

Our dependency towards them ultimately makes them our weakness too!


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Journey of a Moment

Journey of a Moment

Have you ever thought about the journey of a moment?

What’s the journey about? What does it entail?

The moment comes, the moment goes and then the moment is in memories.

That’s the simple explanation of the journey of a moment.

We live in the now. Not the past. Not the future.

Every moment we live then passes on and we cannot change anything about it. We have already lived it.

Every moment of the future cannot be predicted, only planned, but you still don’t know how it will turn out to be.

So, all we have is the now – the present moment that we can control.

We can either be fully satisfied in the now, and then when the moment passes, have a beautiful memory of it.

Or another option is to live in the past or thinking about the future, with the present moment just passing by, thus regretting every moment thereafter.

That’s what the journey of a moment entails. It begins with a choice and ends with it.


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Are you listening?

Are you listening?

Every word you speak to yourself, you are listening to it as well.

Every opinion you think of, every judgement you form, every envious thought you have, you are listening to all of it.

Every thing that you listen to becomes a part of your cognitive experience as well.

This is how you end up thinking about yourself, this is how you then behave, this ends up in how you pave the path for yourself.

Everything that you do becomes a part of you. As Lisa M. Hayes has said, “Be careful how you are talking to yourself because you are listening.”

Here’s something to remember – speak with caution.


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Focus on the Light

Focus on the Light

It is easier to see the light in daytime, it’s the dark when you must take the efforts to see it.

When you reform your mind to thinking positivity and optimism, you don’t do it when everything is working for you.

The point of having this mindset is to be positive and optimistic
– when things are not working out for you,
– when you face a low point in your life,
– when you don’t know the direction ahead for you.

This is also what Aristotle Onassis tells us when he says, “It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light.”

At those times is when the focus is usually lost and it is our mind that spirals out of control and makes things worse for us. To not let it happen, you can take the decision to work on yourself and to change/ improve your mindset.


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Blog No. 500

Blog No. 500

This is blog no. 500

It’s the big number!

To be honest with you, I had never thought in my life that I’d be writing a blog.

That too on a daily basis.

For it to reach the milestone of 500 is just a feat in itself.

For someone who was never good at writing and for being told that all my life to now writing confidently and comfortably makes me happy with the path I’ve walked on.

This blog has allowed me to open up myself, to take a deep dive into my learning and my thought process and gave me a path to share my thoughts, my observations and my takeaways on a global level.

Global, because sometimes these blog posts have reached places which I haven’t even heard of, so I’m just glad I’m able to provide value on that scale.

I’m grateful for anyone and everyone who takes their time in reading this blog and if it has helped you in any way.

Of course, 500 is just a number and the blog goes on, providing the same amount of value and more on a daily basis and maybe one day I’ll be writing my 5000th blog post.

See you at the next blog post!


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Are you the Spectator or the Driver?

Are you the Spectator or the Driver?

Do you control your mind or does the mind control you?

An undisciplined mind controls you, your thoughts and actions, it takes you places you probably don’t want to visit. You feel like everything is happening to you and you’re just a spectator in that scenario.

Whereas if you discipline your mind, if you learn to control it, then you are in control of your life, in control of your thoughts and actions. Instead of being the spectator, you are now the driver of your life.

As Buddha has rightly said, “There is nothing so disobedient as an undisciplined mind, and there is nothing so obedient as a disciplined mind.”

Just a change in perspective gets you to this point in your life where you choose to either be the spectator or the driver, the choice is always yours.


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You decide your pace!

You decide your pace!

When it comes to personal decisions or professional decisions, when it is about your life, then it is you who decides your pace.

No one else, no one can.

No one has or can have that control.

Whether it is to walk or jog or sprint or even to catch your breath, you decide your pace.

That decision is completely up to you.

That is what your journey is about.

And when you decide your pace, you are accountable for whatever happens.

You could sprint and get tired in a while and your plan may not work out.

You could jog and sprint in between and jog again, be strategic with your process.

Or you could even wait for a while and catch your breath, not worrying about others’ jogs and sprints.

When this happens, irrespective of whatever happens in the future, you know that you had taken that decision which led to this. You decided the pace.

It could have been a hasty decision or it could be a well-planned decision, you may never know until the outcome is out.

However, irrespective of the outcome, that choice of pace will decide the now. It will decide how you operate now and whether you’re satisfied in the now or not.


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Walking the path of the unknown!

Walking the path of the unknown!

What is life, if not a path of the unknown, you may plan it ahead, but you never know what may happen.

No matter how safely you choose your path or how you emulate someone else’s path, everyone’s journey is their own.

Their own set of thoughts, actions, goals, difficulties and accomplishments.

When everything is unique to you, there is no knowing of what’s ahead, even if you compared it with someone else.

It’s a beautiful path to be on, full of adventure and no sight of what’s at the end.

No amount of planning can interpret the pits you’d be falling into or even how many.

There’s only one thing that can be done on the path of the unknown, and i.e. to be prepared for it.

When you improve yourself, your skills, your knowledge, your response to life, is when you become prepared for the unknown.

Instead of facing the issue and not knowing what to do, to some extent, you’re now able to prepare yourself for it.

If not with a proper solution, at least emotionally or mentally, so when the moment arises, you can be ready for it, you can be ready to face it. You won’t be in a situation of hopelessness or for the lack of a better word, be clueless.

Life is walking on the path of the unknown and you can only prepare yourself for it, with all tools and weapons at your disposal.



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Serving on a Silver Platter

Serving on a Silver Platter

Quick solutions, shortcuts and just getting to the results hurts us in more than ways than one can count.

Walking on such a path where one wants quick solutions to every problem they have, a shortcut to every question they ask, gets them on a journey, where they aren’t learning anything, they aren’t evolving by making mistakes and then improving from them.

On such a path, there should be no difficulty, but everything handed out, so one can walk on this road with no cracks and no potholes.

In reality, this doesn’t get anyone too far because it doesn’t make them ready for the real world.

In the real world, one needs to find their own path, their own answers to their problems, be patient with the process and be ready to make mistakes as well. Sure, the process is long but is also an enjoyable one because they want to do it on your own, not something that worked for someone else’s life.

When they do so, they don’t want anything handed out on a silver platter, on the contrary they’re ready to face their own problems, do their own research, learn from scratch but do it with their own sweat and tears.

At such a time, they’re involved in the process, they’re evolving, ready to take on whatever comes their way. Nothing’s served on a silver platter.


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The purpose of this blog!

The purpose of this blog!

With the blog now approaching the big number of 500, and if you’re an avid reader of it, or even if you’re new to it, if you see the pattern, you’ll find a whole lot of value in it, and at the same time, you’ll find all the answers to life you never thought to ask.

Walking on this path of self-improvement and growth, that’s what it does to you when you’re obsessed with the process. You notice patterns, you observe people, you think randomly, and you ask the atypical questions.

Said that, even though so much efforts and time is put into each post, with a simple hope that reading it might change something for someone out there, however, I have never officially mentioned anything about the purpose of this blog.

Why do I write it daily and why do I even write one?

Well, simply put, the blog helps me think beyond my random thoughts on the topics I write about, writing them helps me go deeper into a topic and in that process, sometimes something so profound comes out that gives me that tick that it is definitely going to provide a different kind of a value out there, to someone who’s reading it and if I may hope so, change their life or their thought structure for the better.

Why a blog? Well, because, one, it has a higher reach to a global audience, anything can be searched at any point of time, as per the user, they’re not seeing something when I want them to (as in the case of social media), but in their time of need, when they search about something and that particular blog of that topic pops up and gives them that perspective they were looking for.

More importantly, most of the times, I also write with this intention that the topic I’m writing about will make you think about it, will make you question it and then it is you who will have to think of the answer too. And that process is so beautiful, because then, with this information, you’re able to think what is right for you, not for someone else.

Why daily? Not to complicate this answer, if I would have written this weekly or monthly, I wouldn’t have been able to think half or even 70% of the content that I’ve written. Only because of my passion towards it, and the fact that it is daily, can I then think so much into it, delve into different topics, that sometimes could be obvious and sometimes we may have not questioned at all.

That, all of that, is what I think is the purpose of my blog.


I have a daily podcast too, Mindset Marketing Movies – an RTH24 podcast – daily digestible episodes on mindset, marketing and movies.

You can listen to it at –
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The journey of self-improvement is long

The journey of self-improvement is long

Can there be a timeline on self-improvement? Can there be a goal set for self-improvement?

In the shortest answer, I don’t think so.

Hear me out!

When you walk the path of improving yourself, firstly its the realization that comes too late, and then understanding the issues at hand and then improving at them.

Of course, it’s easy to write this than execute because the process is a long one.

However, once you start walking on this path of self-improvement, you might wonder how much time you should give to it and if there’s a specific goal that you should attach to the process, which once achieved, means you have achieved the process of self-improvement.

Well, not to burst the bubble, but it is one.

The journey of self-improvement is long, lifetime long. There is no specific target to achieve and there cannot be any time limit to it.

The more you improve, the more you change and the more you grow. The more you grow, the more you want to improve and the more you want to learn.

The process is a cyclical one and ultimately, the vision becomes to become better than yesterday, to become a better version of yourself.

You improve at one thing, then you want to pick up another aspect of your life to improve at, you work on it, but there are levels attached to it, so basically you’re levelling up time after time.

This is not meant to scare you at all, no that’s not the case. The intention is to make you aware of this so you don’t have the wrong expectations of the process.

It takes efforts, it takes time, and yet its the best thing that you could do with your life.

What if you already know it?

What if you already know it?

Do you think you know about something or multiple things and don’t need to know anything more about it?

When you hear something about it, the first thought that comes to your mind is that you already know it.

Is that a good sign?

That you already know it.

You don’t have to learn more about it then, is that right?

Well, if you look at it from a higher perspective, it comes down to this… When you know about something, either you’re the best at that certain something, you’re the go-to person for that.

If not, then you still have more to learn.

This thought that I already know it limits you from learning more, it limits you from improving yourself on that certain something, it limits you from exploring more and it limits your imagination.

What would be better, to learn more or to be stuck at a middle point where you feel you already know it?

Curiosity is good, exploration is good and to have a Mindset of constant learning is extremely beneficial for you and your mind as well.

You don’t have to tell you’re happy!

You don’t have to tell you’re happy!

Happiness has become such a huge debate in today’s times, and more than usual, because we have been programmed to think about it in a certain way and on top of that, there are so many out there with their own definitions about it.

In the midst of this, a lot of people feel to share that they’re happy.

Whether in conversations or social media, someone will tell they are happy.

See, that is not wrong at all.

My point behind this post is this, of course we should share our happiness with others, we should put more optimism and positivity out there.

My question is are you genuinely feeling happy or are you feeling the pressure to say that you’re happy too!?

Someone who is happy can share that they are, but it also shows in the way they talk or in their actions.

Another point that I’d like to add here is this… I’m talking about macro happy, the overall happiness of life, feeling happy, not the micro successes or accomplishments of personal and professional that we would like to share and which also makes us ecstatic at that time.

When you’re truly happy, you should feel it and that is something that is shared automatically, not something that you have to convince other people about.

Small Things!

Small Things!

We always wonder it’s the big steps that we take that have the biggest impact in our life.

However, it’s actually the opposite.

It’s a curious one and we never stopped to wonder why.

In reality, it’s the small things that make the biggest impact in life.

Let’s map out three different scenarios that would explain this in the best possible way.

Scenario A –
A person wants to become fit and they say in order to so, they’d have to do intense workouts, go on a diet and probably do ‘x’ to reach that goal. A month later, nothing has changed.
However, if that person changes the perspective from the big changes to the small changes, then they would proceed by making a schedule, fitting in the workout time, readying the clothes beforehand and actually starting from day one to begin this process.

Scenario B –
A person, with quite some difficulties in their life, now thinks that they should turn to the path of positivity and leave out the toxicity behind. They wonder that this path would change their life and solve the issues.
However, in order to so, it’s the small things like thinking positive thoughts, having a positive self-talk, not undermining themselves or others are the micro ways to do so, for the bigger impact to happen.

Scenario C –
A person has an idea, that if scaled quickly can become a game-changer and even change people’s lives. Even if the efforts are appreciated, it’s the small things like arranging a team, plotting/ executing the initial work, showing the initial sales that would change things around.

No matter the situation, no matter how personal or professional, it’s always the small things, either in terms of planning, living, executing, it’s the small things that make the biggest impact in our lives. Always!

Adapt Yourself!

Adapt Yourself!

Things never go according to plan!

There’s known and unforeseen circumstances that can change the trajectory of your plan!

The key is to adapt yourself to these situations!

Of course there’s no right way, but there’s no wrong way either!

You learn, you practice, you make mistakes, you evolve and eventually learn how to adapt yourself according to the circumstance at hand.

The bottom line is to adapt yourself!

You chose this!

You chose this!

Whenever you are in doubt or if something feels out of sorts and you wonder why…

Know that you chose the path you’re currently on.

Know that you chose to be the person you are.

Know that you chose to have the emotions and feelings you have right now.

Know that you chose all of this.

It all starts with being accountable of your own choices and own doings.

When you accept accountability of your decisions, then you realize it is you who has the power to also change something if you don’t like it.

You also realize that you’re in control of your life and it is you who chooses everything and anything about yourself, past, present and future.

Ready to ‘Zazz Your Life?’

Ready to ‘Zazz Your Life?’

We are now @zazzyourlife on Instagram, previously Live The Zazz Life.

What’s the mission?

We want you to take the control of your life in your hands, instead of being dependent on anyone else to provide the answers.

We want you to ZAZZ your life on your own!

What do we mean by zazz?
Well, it’s making your life more unique and awesome than before.

How do we do that?
By changing how we think, how we communicate, how we react, our habits, our goals, our purpose, how to upgrade yourself to a better version, what to eat, what to drink, what not to do and the why behind everything.

Once we learn this and once we learn to rewire our brain, we upgrade ourselves to a better and improved version of ourselves than before. That is adding the zazz to our life.

Not to forget, only you can do it. Nobody else. Not us, surely. We are just the medium in this equation.

So, are you ready to zazz your life?
Embark on this new journey with us.

It’d be deeply appreciated if you would also share our page with your loved ones so all of us can then grow together in this journey.

Here’s the link –



When you tell yourself, that I’ll do this ‘later’, what are you actually telling yourself?

In simple terms, it means that you don’t want to do that something right now and you’ll do it at a later point of time.

Although, if you break it down, it means, that certain something isn’t a priority for you to take care of it right now.

Well, in that terms, what is the priority of that thing on a scale of 1 – 5? 1 being the highest and 5 being the lowest.

Well, if its anything beyond a 3, then the probability of you taking on that thing at a later point of time seems unlikely.

A simple reason is because, one, its not that important to you, second, on a day-to-day basis or a weekly basis, there will be something that is going to replace things on the priority scale of 1 and 2.

On the basis of which, things beyond 3 aren’t going to be taken care of at all.

What’s the alternative?

Either take on only one or two things at a time, so there’s no point of pushing something to ‘later’.

Or being well-organized to a point that you complete that entire list of 1 – 5, irrespective of how many other tasks or things come on to your plate.

There’s always good.

There’s always good.

No matter how much bad there is in the world, there’s always some good too.

No matter how many bad situations occur, good situations occur too.

No matter how many negative people are out there, there are positive people too.

The balance is maintained throughout.

It’s only what do you want to notice that shows who you are.

But, remember.

There’s always good out there.

What you Say is within You!

What you Say is within You!

When something is personal to you, or if it interests you, or if you’re passionate about it, then you may have realised that you can speak freely about it.

It’s like the constant flow of water in a waterfall.

Words come out of your mouth, like a melody.

That shows how authentic you are, about what you speak.

It also shows when you have to form words in your mind, because you just want to say something and it’s not authentic to you.

See the difference?

That’s why I say, what you say is within you.

You shall not Pass!

You shall not Pass!

Negativity • Bad Vibes • Haters • Drama • Problems — we are surrounded by these things, all the time, in one way or another.

We let these elements bring us down, we feel bothered by them, and our lives are affected every day because of each of these elements.

You know what?

It’s time we take a stand and say to all the negativity, bad vibes, to all the haters, to the unnecessary drama, and to all the problems -⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀


Say this to your mind, stand with positivity around you and in this process, also learn to train your mind accordingly!

You are always in control.

You are always in control.

You’re always in control of your thoughts, your actions, your behaviour, your emotions, your habits, your goals and your happiness.

There’s always an external factor in play, an external factor – at times bigger than you and your life.

Can you let it influence you or your thoughts or your emotions?

Once you set the baseline, that I’m the one in control of my thoughts, then no external factor can influence your thought process.

That same logic is then applied to your emotions, your habits, more importantly, to your happiness as well.

How do you be in control?

With practice. Understanding the difference when you are in control and when you are not.

Understanding the factors that bring the change in you.

Pushing yourself everytime you notice that change.

That requires self-awareness as well as the will power that you do want to do so.

The power to bring change comes from within.

It’s always up to you, and remember that you’re always in control.

A common level of Humanity!

A common level of Humanity!

How majority of humans used to behave, almost until a month back to now everyone being the same – more or less, and hopefully we make these changes a part of our life, instead of it just being a temporary phase of life.

Life has a funny way of teaching us lessons, don’t you think so?

No more materialistic comparisons,

no more competition,

no more ego,

doesn’t matter who you are,

doesn’t matter how rich or poor you are,

Life has brought everyone to a common level of humanity, where everyone wants to just stay alive.

Everyone is fighting together and wants to come out of this together.

This level of humanity should be appreciated and should be taken forward as well, because when we walk together, we grow together and we can tackle our problems together!

This too shall Pass.

This too shall Pass.

When a wave appears, no matter how big or small, when it hits the coast, it makes a splash and it passes.

Similarly, from time to time, we experience unwanted occurrences in life too, internally and externally. Mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

We wonder, why me?

Why is this happening to me?

We need to realize two things here…

One, the waves are going to appear in your life, time and again to test you, whether you can stand in your path or not. Sometimes bigger than ever.

You need to stay patient, true to yourself, in order to stand through that wave.

Second, it’s going to pass.

Nothing in life stays forever.

Unless you let it stay.

Unless, that’s not happening, whatever it is, is going to pass.

9 out of 10.

9 out of 10.

We work; we try; we experiment; we fail; we succeed; we learn.

Although, do you know what happens?

9 out of 10 times things may not happen the way we expected it to.

And that’s okay!

That’s the beauty of life!

Life doesn’t give you always what you wanted…


It’s that one time when you succeed, you get what you wanted, you reach your expectations.

That’s the one you got to remember.

That one pushes you to try another 10 times, out of which, yet again 9 out of 10 times things might not go your way.


To the point.

To the point.

Whenever it comes to conveying something, either in the form of writing, speaking or any form of communication, the best way to convey it is being to the point.

There is certainly no need to stretch out a topic because time is of the essence – for you and for the one who’s consuming your content.

If it is short and sweet, and yet to the point, it’s a win-win situation for everyone. Isn’t it?

One Year of Blogging! #365Blogs

One Year of Blogging! #365Blogs

I have been writing blogs on a daily basis for a year now and this is blog no. 365!

Do you know what it means?

Today, I complete One Year of Blogging, having never missed a day!

Whilst writing, I’ve come across some really interesting ideas/ thoughts which I’m sure, if not for blogging, couldn’t have been penned down the way it happened now.

Which brings me to the highlight of today’s blog post, because providing value on a daily basis is the base of why I do what I do.

If, after one year of every day blogging, I had to sum up my learning from it, it’d be the following –

  1. Daily blogging has widened my thought process in a way, that I’m able to concentrate on my thoughts better than before and write more freely on a topic that I think is important to talk about.
  2. Talking about writing freely, one of the most important learning was my writing process. To be honest, I wasn’t good at the writing stuff, the grammar, the vocabulary, the punctuation, the sentence formation – there’s a lot to think about when it comes to writing.
    However, writing on a daily basis has opened it up for me and now, I’m more confident about it than ever before.
  3. All of this has also allowed my creative channels to open up – try to think more creatively while writing, how can a certain topic be said in a different manner so it brings more value than, if said directly.
  4. Also, having kept a scheduled time to post before, and without failing to post on a daily basis, it has also allowed me to develop a creative discipline within me which doesn’t have the space for “creative blocks” or “mental blocks”, because at the end of the day, I know what I have to share and I cannot back out of it.
  5. Lastly, it brings so much value to the people, the way they respond after reading something – it’s extremely joyful to know that your writing has made a difference to someone’s life.

Blogging is fun and no matter how many trends or platforms change and evolve, text as a medium of communication will never change and something like blogging is here to stay!

Thank you to everyone who take the time out to read these blogs, either on a regular basis, or even a particular one, once in a blue moon, when it seems imteresting to them. I’m ever grateful to all of you.

Keep reading, keep enjoying!

Your feedback is always valuable.

Cannot wait for blog no. 3600 in 10 years!

Our Mind is so Unique

Our Mind is so Unique

Our mind is so unique and can be used for hundreds of thousands of different things!

We control it.

We can use it to our advantage.

Everything that we do, in our life, in our day, all begins from the mind.

You tell your mind what you want to do next, and it does that for you.

Be it controlling your body functions for a certain task to controlling your thoughts to focus on a specific topic.

Everything begins from the mind.

We shouldn’t let it overpower us; but we should overpower it – use it a tool to live life, to enjoy life, to be happy in life, to grow in life. Its all linked with the mind.


Alone with your Thoughts!

Alone with your Thoughts!

If you want to live life,

If you want to grow,

If you want to succeed,

If you want to be happy,

You have to learn to be alone with your thoughts!

Your thoughts convert into questions you didn’t know you wanted to ask yourself.

Your thoughts convert into answers you didn’t know you could answer!

Your thoughts open you up; show you the path; get you of the rut you may be in – all answers lead to you being alone with your thoughts and listening to them and understanding them.

The problem is people can’t be alone with themselves; even when they are, they aren’t alone alone.

You get what I’m saying?

One tends to end up on the social media platforms, watching a video or maybe productively reading a book or listening to a podcast (maybe).

However, you still aren’t alone with your thoughts!

Most of the times, people are scared to be.

They don’t know how to do so!

They don’t know what will happen!

Try it!

If you don’t try, you won’t learn, you won’t experience the results.

Your thoughts are so powerful, they can make you or break you.

Learn to be alone with your thoughts || Learn to control them and focus on the topics you want to think about. (but that’s another topic for another day)

Have Patience

Have Patience

We are always in a rush to chase something or the other in life.

And, we want it now! Not later, now!

If you put in the efforts or the work today, the results should appear by tomorrow! That’s become the common mentality now.

We have forgotten the word ‘patience.’

“Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet.” – Aristotle.

In order to enjoy life,
in order to enjoy what we want or need,
in order to enjoy the process
– we need to start being patient.

That’s the only answer with which we can be
happy now;
enjoy life and
be satisfied.

If not, then there would be just the rush of wanting or chasing one thing after the other, not having the desired results, being left with disappointments and unhappiness.

The choice is yours – be patient with life and enjoy everything that you do or just the opposite.


See the Good.

See the Good.

Good things happen in our lives and some not so good things happen in our lives.

Depends on how you define not so good, could be with respect to your day, your year, your work, your relationships, or just life in general.

However, the choice to see the good is ours.

See the good that has happened in our lives.

Until now!

And what will continue to happen in the future!

See the good in living another day!

See the good in being physically and mentally fit.

See the good in continuously getting opportunities in our lives.

See the good that you have your family and loved ones around you.

There’s so much good in your life that you can continue to list them down.

However, it is up to you to see the good.

When you see the positive, good things happen in your life as well.

Simple as that.

The choice is yours!

See the good.

You need to be Happy today! ❤️

You need to be Happy today! ❤️

Happiness today, not tomorrow is the goal.

You need to be happy today.

Happiness is lived, not earned or achieved.

How do you do that?
• Being grateful for what you have,
• Loving what you do and,
• Loving the process more than the destination.

Three minor tweaks to your day-to-day life and you can start being happy today!
“Happiness is not something you postpone for the future; it is something you design for the present.” – Jim Rohn

It’s a Good Day to have a Good Day!

It’s a Good Day to have a Good Day!

It’s A Good Day to have a Good Day!

That’s how you should approach your day!

That’s how you should approach your life!

No matter how the day’s events have unfolded, the mindset is that it’s such a good day to start having a good day!

When you change your perspective, when you change your thought process, things start changing!

Now you have a positive approach towards your day!

Sure, that’s micro, but that’s what leads to a macro positive approach as well.

With this thought process, you will feel good, irrespective of a few certain events which might have made it otherwise.

Above all, it’s always a good day when you get to live another day, ain’t it!?

What’s the Hype?

What’s the Hype?

Have you noticed, a few percent of people hype up a certain task or an item or a deed, to an extent where it spreads and spreads and now, from the mass perspective you either follow the trend or have the fear of missing out?

That’s the game of hype.

People don’t notice whether whatever is hyped is something they needed or wanted… But, if everyone is following it, then why should we miss out seems to become the general consensus.

Well, to be fair, sometimes, the hype is around good things towards which it becomes easier to get the following, usually in case of a cause.

However, more often than not, it isn’t. Thus, calling out the game.

The sooner people realize what they need or want and how they should distinguish that from the hype around everything, the better.

Instead of falling in the traps, it’d become so much easier to be decisive about everything once you know who you are.


Do what you feel needs to be done!

Do what you feel needs to be done!

Sometimes you have something on your mind that you want to do

Could be a small task or a hobby you want to pursue or a goal you want to achieve… A career path you want to change… Can be anything

Although sometimes you worry!

Worry about what others will think!

Worry about what others will say!

Sometimes it’s the worry when people around you tell you to do something, which you don’t want to do in the first place


At the risk of all these before and after scenarios, we can do only one thing!

Do what you feel that needs to be done!

As simple as that!

Without worrying about the pre and post scenarios of that something, especially with regards to others.

Sunday is a Good Day!

Sunday is a Good Day!

Yes, we should cherish every day we get to live and every day is a boon for us to do something we didn’t do the day before.


However, don’t you think Sunday is a good day?

How do I mean?

I’m not saying that, in terms of, waiting for the weekend to arrive and when will the weekdays get over.

Not that.

But, in terms of, Sunday gives you that chance
– to take a step back
– to relax
– to chill
– to take the workload off your mind
– to take a break
– to spend some time alone
– to spend time with your loved ones

Could be anything or more!

Hey, you can even work on a Sunday, what ever makes you feel content and satisfied!

Nonetheless, taking all those above pointers in mind, don’t you think, Sunday is a good day where you get to do all of those things and none of those things, get it?


A Sudden Jolt of Inspiration

A Sudden Jolt of Inspiration

Sure, there are people who are inspired with their goals for life – know the ‘why’ of their life and and why are they pushing themselves more and more, every day of their lives.

But, for most of the people, not everyone is inspired that way in life. They walk in the cycle of life – where everything is the same. (and they could be happy doing that too, that’s not a problem)

However, in this walk of life, something you must have experienced, either by consuming something or experiencing something or by having met someone, you could have suddenly hit this jolt of inspiration within you.

Inspiration to achieve something – to do something – to work towards a cause – could be anything.

Now, what’s to be known is this – now that you feel inspired – understand the why.

Why do you feel inspired? What made you feel that way?

If it’s actually inspiration, and you feel positive about it – then use it practically in your life to achieve what you want.

Being inspired is such a blissful moment because now you won’t stop – now you just want to go on and achieve heights.

Take in this moment, cherish it and walk the path of life.

Be Honest!

Be Honest!

Be Honest…

To whom?

To others, of course. That is a given!

But, first…

You, yourself.

You need to be honest with yourself first.

If you aren’t, well, things start going off the rail thereon.

You know yourself better than anyone else would.

You know what you want. What you don’t. What you enjoy. What you don’t. Who you enjoy it with. With whom you don’t.

These answers lie within you.

The key is to be honest with yourself.

Sharing your goals with others!

Sharing your goals with others!

What have you heard about sharing your goals with others?

Well, let me tell you what the “society” says.

Don’t share them with anyone. Keep it to yourself.

To think of it, why is it said so?

Because someone else will do it before you?

Because someone having this knowledge will hinder your progress?

Well, my thoughts resonate the other way round. I don’t think that the world should work like this.

I’m all-in about sharing your goals with others.

Why do I think so?

Firstly, at times, your goals and ambitions are not clearly defined. When you share, you end up talking about it more and more.

Because of this, you tend to understand more clearly what you want to do, why do you want to it and you’re able to streamline the process more easily.

Secondly, the more you share, two things tend to happen – one, people start supporting you and pushing you more towards achieving it.

This also leads to real-time support too, in the form of partnerships and collaborations, which wouldn’t have happened organically in the first place.

More importantly, if your goal is something worth achieving and you share the journey behind it, others also get inspired to set a goal for themselves.

In my opinion, everyone should share their goals – be open about it – if you’re confident with what you’re doing and more importantly, why you’re doing it, then neither anyone else nor you should have any problems with it.

Too Many Questions???

Too Many Questions???

Have you noticed…

No matter what you do…

No matter when you do…

No matter how you do…

Before or After…

Everyone around you have a lot of questions to ask!

These questions never end.

After a while, they just seem annoying at the most. That doesn’t matter though, because the questions never end.

And they are asked by everyone! Literally, everyone.

They could be out of genuine love and care


Out of curiosity


Out of jealousy


Out of wanting to implement something for themselves


There could a hundred reasons here!

The bottom line is, the questions never end.

What can you do then?


How about trying to ignore this noise and just concentrating on your journey!?

Seems difficult, but I’m sure, with practice, it can be done.

Do what you feel needs to be done, without worrying what the others think or ask or tell you to do!

And to those asking the questions?

Try focusing on yourself first, before focusing on others.



You are the Driver!

You are the Driver!

Quite often, we think what the future holds for us!

We have all done that, haven’t we?

Does that make sense though?

You are the Driver of your Life!

You drive your life to wherever you want to go, the destination may not be important, but the journey surely is.

The future holds nothing for you – you hold your future in your hands.

Your thoughts,

Your actions,

Your needs

Will drive the vehicle of your life to the future you create.

There’s nothing that will happen automatically for you, if you don’t do something about it first.

Now the question, whether you are a good driver or not, is another question in itself.

However, you’re the driver, that’s the truth.

Valuing what you have!

Valuing what you have!

Have you noticed something? There’s so much that we do, in our day-to-day lives, that we almost don’t realize the importance of so many of those things.

It’s always the same scenario – looking at the bigger picture, and looking at what’s bigger than what we currently have and then chasing that.

We don’t value the important things because we take it for granted. This doesn’t apply to just things, but to people, our friends, family, the work we do, the stuff we have, the food we eat, everything.

We realize the importance of the minute things when we don’t have them.

Having a Mindset like this also results in something like this – you’re always chasing, running after the next thing and not enjoying what you currently have. You’re not able to cherish that moment.

If you change that, then you’ll be happy now, with what you have, who you have and what you’re able to do.

Try valuing what you have, and realize it’s importance before its too late.

Talk Less, Listen More

Talk Less, Listen More

There’s a very odd noticeable scenario, something we are all a part of, where we listen to someone, just to reply and let them know our opinions on the topic.

The problem is we have stopped listening!

Instead of learning from the other person, instead of understanding their perspective, it’s more of stating our opinions.

Why is that? Why?

What needs to change is this, become more involved in the conversation that you’re having, listen to them and ask further questions, instead of simply talking more!

Is that a change that we can apply to our lives? Absolutely.

#TalkLess #ListenMore

When you aren’t passionate about work!

When you aren’t passionate about work!

You must have noticed this, in conversations with friends and family, or even with colleagues, the conversations usually tend to revolve around work.

It’s a phase of life we are in, where everyone is interested with what’s going on with the other person’s work life and whatever you get to learn from that conversation then.

Now, in such a scenario, if you don’t like what you do, if you aren’t passionate about it, then how do you think will you talk about it time and again?

However, this also indicates something important here – it’s an indicator for you to understand how much you love what you do and if, you need to change that.

Talking about work is something so marvelous, it’s one-third of your life (or more in totality) – if you don’t enjoy what you do, it’s time to change that because everything is in your hands.


Life is about experimentations!

Life is about experimentations!

Life is about experimentations, from one thing to another, whether you know it or not, it’s all about experimentations!

You never know what will work and what will not, you never know what might interest you and what might not.

There’s never a pre-defined answer for anything, there’s only a pre-conceived notion which is cleared after you experiment and find the answer on your own.

With life, you can never just stick with one thing – you might agree, it gets boring. Experimenting to find out new things, to grow, to evolve is the only solution.


Unexpected Things!

Unexpected Things!

Some things happen in our lives unexpectedly! You just cannot predict nor think about these things! Thus, unexpected.

Of course, you have to look at the bigger picture in life, and optimistically, think everything will be right and as you wanted it to be.

However, what about these unexpected things?

Well, they are uncalled for.

What can be done is, do things today as there would be no tomorrow – that’s the only way to be satisfied today, not thinking how tomorrow will turn out to be. Because honestly, even if you plan it, you just don’t know.

These unexpected things in life derail your path and your journey and you don’t know whether there’s a tomorrow.

So better live today at its best! ❤️

// R.I.P Kobe Bryant and the 8 others who lost their lives in the helicopter crash. I may not be a NBA fan but that’s the beauty of Kobe, the legend that he is, you don’t need to watch the game to know his impact on the world and his inspirational journey. The news was a shocker to hear when I woke up in the morning and it’s just sad when things happen unexpectedly.

For the Game!

For the Game!

When you do something, because you love doing it, because you love the process, then you’re doing it for the game.

The results don’t matter to you, either in case of an accomplishment or failure.

It’s a very contextual statement, in either of the scenarios, you still do that something and try to improve or pivot in order to keep moving forward.

Whilst walking on this path, you feel happier, more satisfied and fulfilled – because you love the game – it’s very simple.


Has it become a habit?

Has it become a habit?

In life, some habits are good for us and some are not. Some bring value to us and some just drain us.

Sometimes, just repeating a thought or something you say or something you do automatically becomes a habit without you even realizing it.

But, what can you do?

Evaluate yourself at the end of the day – what did you do, why did you do it and is that being done repeatedly?

When you notice something becoming a habit, take a step back and evaluate whether it is impacting your life positively or negatively.

Its difficult at first, but once you learn to understand the difference, then you’re game.


How to find your Passion?

How to find your Passion?

Time and again, the question of your passion turns up, either in your mind or during your conversations.

What is my passion?

How do I answer whether I am passionate about this?

Most of the times, one’s not able to clearly state the answer for these questions.

The answer’s simple, yet complicated at the same time. Before we go on to find passion, I also think that there’s never just one thing when it comes to being passionate about something – there could be – but, usually there’s more.

Before you answer these questions for yourself, also understand to not limit yourself to just one thing and think this is my passion.

Life is about experimentations; you never know what strikes how and what doesn’t.

Coming back to finding passion, let’s define how any human being can tell what they’re passionate about.

Let’s break it down into the following categories :

A. Strengths

Usually, we list down what our strengths are and what are weaknesses are, and depending on that, we usually pick the strengths because we are good at those things, and follow that course and simultaneously improve ourselves at it too.

B. Love

Do you love doing that thing? Do you feel like you could do it all day, every day? Do you feel if you didn’t take a vacation or worked on weekends too, would it feel the same?

C. It’s Not Work

If there is ever a feeling that it feels like work and that there is a life beyond it too, then probably its not the same. On the other hand, if you feel it’s a part of your life, then you can immerse yourself into it and enjoy the process like how.

D. Retirement and Money out of the Picture

Most important of all points, to define passion and to realize if it’s truly your passion or not, take “retirement” and “money” out of the picture, would you still do it?


If you can answer/relate to all of the above pointers, you can then define what you’re truly passionate about and whether what you think is your passion or not.

Now what you can do is, correlate these questions with whatever you’re doing now, and see if you’re able to answer for yourself or not. The answer is within you and no one can help you out with it except you.




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First, Yourself.

First, Yourself.

In this fast-moving life of ours, where we are chasing things, running after one thing and the next, we forget about ourselves.

Who’s going to care about yourself?

It is utmost necessary to take time out of your day, every day, to focus on your self – mentally, physically and spiritually.

It’s always you first and then everything else. Start your day and end your day with caring for yourself – and once you do that, notice the difference in your day-to-day.

You’ll be able to think differently, have a different perspective of what you want vs what you have, how would you like to give back etc – the entire game changes once you focus on your inner self.


The Value of Kindness

The Value of Kindness

What’s the value of a kind gesture?

It takes zero efforts to say something kind to another person – short, easy to speak and it’s not taking anything from you.

Yet, one kind gesture brings immense pleasure to the other person – you have just made their day, their month and you wouldn’t even realize it.

It might just be something that the person needed. Its impact would truly last a lifetime.

Be kind, spread kindness and witness the magic! ❤️

#KindnessOverEverything #KindnessKarma

Every Thought is important!

Every Thought is important!

Our human brain is in a constant thought process – it is said that, in a single day, you think upto 60,000 to 80,000 thoughts in a day.

Yes, that many thoughts!

Every thought has its own importance, said that, quite often there are thoughts that have no value to us at all. These unwanted thoughts are sometimes negative too – towards us, or towards someone else.

The problem is, when you think about such things a lot, and now the brain gets the signal to think accordingly.

What can you do? You can train your mind to think in a certain way, to think of certain topics and to not think of certain topics.

Think about what you think and act accordingly!


It’s a New Day!

It’s a New Day!

No matter how your yesterday was, good or bad, today and every day is a new day.

A new day to restart, to refresh, to rethink your choices and your decisions and live an entirely new life the next day.

If the circumstances aren’t going your way, today you’ve the chance to change things around.

If the choices made yesterday, were a mistake, today you’ve the chance to make different choices.

Every day you have the chance to live a new day – it’s up to you, whether you want to or not.


Do you wear shoes?

Do you wear shoes?

You know the thing about shoes, right?

All of us wear shoes, but the difference is that we wear different pair of shoes – different sizes, different designs, different brands and of course, comfort is different for all.

What does that tell you though?

Can you wear the same shoes as mine? What if it doesn’t fit you though?

In the same way, our journeys are different too – our paths are different, our goals are different, our thoughts are different and that’s the beauty of life.

When everything is different, there’s no reason as to why anyone’s journey or anyone’s accomplishments should be compared with someone else.

Let’s try focusing on wearing our shoes for once and not comparing them with someone else’s.

Communication is the Medium, not the Solution!

Communication is the Medium, not the Solution!

In any conversation which turns to a argument, one always thinks they are right.

However, we forget something!

What’s wrong for you is right for someone else and vice versa.

That means, both the parties think they are right, in their own way. So how do you solve this conundrum?

Is communication the solution for such a scenario? Would communicating the right way solve that issue?

In my opinion, communication is the medium to solve that situation, but the solution is empathy.

Without having empathy for the other person, there would be no two-way communication but only monologues and arguments.

Empathy is the key, which is often forgotten but needs to be instilled as values so – during such times of communication issues, you always think about the other person first, and react to the situation accordingly!


What is success for you?

What is success for you?

What is success for you? That is for you to decide.

Let’s put it another way – what are your goals? What do you want to achieve?

Wouldn’t you feel successful when you accomplish your goals? Yet, our “society” bases success on the achievement of a few things and everyone follows that blindly.

That isn’t a problem at all – but, only when you actually want those things for yourself and if that’s the benchmark you’ve set for yourself.

The awareness of the reality of success is important and once you change the perspective on the topic, you start thinking differently.


What’s Next?

What’s Next?

What’s Next? The question on our minds, at every point of time, no matter what we are doing.

This isn’t just about work, it involves everything we do, every day.

While we are doing something, we are constantly thinking, what are we going to do next!? 👀

You see the problem, right? In this quest for what’s next, we aren’t enjoying the present moment at all, we aren’t enjoying the process of whatever we are doing.

I realized this, and now I want to make amends. I want to feel this moment, I want to enjoy it and remember it.


Your voice vs Other voices

Your voice vs Other voices

At any given point in time, there are various voices in your head – all saying different things.

However, only one out of all those voices is your own.

Difficult to understand what that means?

With the constant opinions and questions that we are surrounded with, the voices of our family, friends, society, colleagues – ultimately becomes our voice and we tend to forget what we want and what we are doing based on what someone else wants.

The difference is key, because what you actually want is also what’s going to make you happy!

Learning the difference will take time, but the awareness about it is important – Learn to know what your voice sounds like and only listen to it.

The problem with expectations!

The problem with expectations!

The problem with expectations is that everyone, at some point of time, have some of them, with or without doing anything in the first place.

We “expect” someone to do something for us, just because and this is something that is in your head. Now looking at this from the other person’s point of view, he is not liable to do anything at all.

Another scenario is, when you specially do something, just to get something in return. Another form of an expectation. However, the deed was with motive and not from the heart, and yet again, if it isn’t reciprocated from the other side, it is you who feels disappointed.

In every scenario, it boils down to one person being disappointed in the entire transaction. Wouldn’t it be better if you stop expecting and if you just do? Wouldn’t everything be simpler?

Think about these “one-sided expectations” the next thing you expect something in your head!

Difference between Feedback and Opinions

Difference between Feedback and Opinions

In either of the two scenarios, whether you’re starting out on social media or whether you already have a good audience, there are times when people stumble upon certain opinions which hinders their mental state and their progress.

At such times, it’s important to know the difference between feedback and opinions.

What’s Feedback?
– information about reactions to a product, a person’s performance of a task, etc. which is used as a basis for improvement.

What’s an opinion?
– a view or judgement formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge.

The difference between the two matters and it also affects you and your growth.

Many a times, we let certain opinions define us, define our work and makes us question whether we should proceed or not – these opinions aren’t substantial enough for some change to take place – quite often, they’re out of spite, being envious or simply seeking attention.

Feedback on the other hand, improves you as a creator. Feedback has its voice, it has its reasoning – it matters – it makes you put in more effort so you can grow and make necessary changes, if needed.

As a creator, or anyone creating on social media, one should learn to know the difference between the two and act according to the situations.

It is important for you, as an individual, to not let anything disturb your state of mind whilst your goal is to provide value to the very same people.


Choosing between a positive or a negative thought?

Choosing between a positive or a negative thought?

If you had a choice, what would you pick – a positive thought or a negative thought? The answer seems easy, right?

Even though you know what you’d pick, even though you understand the depth, the potential behind a positive thought, yet in our day-to-day, we let the negative thoughts take over our day.

It could be super basic from frustrations of the traffic to reaching late at the office to getting cream on your coffee (when you didn’t ask for it), it could be anything and everything. Of course, these are only the basic scenarios and it only gets worse.

We don’t have control over our thoughts, over our emotions. And that’s why, the negativity takes over. The tiredness, the frustrations, the stress, not getting results – all stems from that.

A single post like this can only bring awareness about this, not the solution – but, what can be done is this – initially, after every action or every thought – call yourself out and check whether that thought or action was positive or negative! A simple exercise like this could do wonders for you and you wouldn’t imagine how!


Change starts with You

Change starts with You

Everyone wants to change the world, everyone wants to leave a mark, yet we forget about our own flaws and the dire need to rectify those first.

Change starts with yourself first, keep growing, keep upgrading yourself to a better version of yourself, better than before – until you reach a level where you can now bring that change to others as well.

That process takes time, but it also comes from authenticity and the courage to first do it yourself before you do it for others.

In simple terms, walk the talk.


Ikigai – the Japanese secret to a long and happy life (Book Review)

Ikigai – the Japanese secret to a long and happy life (Book Review)

Usually in the midst of reading a book, I’ve already chosen the next one to read and a similar situation occurred with this one, where I’d decided to read this one, books in advance.

Written by Hector García and Francesc Miralles, Ikigai is a brilliant read, based on a Japanese concept to living a long and happy life.

In the most basis terms, Ikigai is about finding something that you love, that also makes you happy, that is also commercially viable and that has a market for it. Well, it’s not all about professionalism, but applied to your personal life and doing something everyday so your day is occupied with things you like to do.

However, to understand our life, especially from the work point of view, Ikigai is an excellent concept to apply and learn the answers we were looking for.

When you’re happy, when you love what you’re doing, you’re able to do it on a daily basis and for an endless amount of time – the more happy you are, the more fulfilled you feel, and the longer you’re able to live with no boredom/ emptiness / hollow feelings to think about. The concept of retirement doesn’t exist in Ikigai, because if you aren’t doing anything, then what are you doing with your life.

Well, if you’re looking for answers, especially from a different perspective than what is seen or taught in the West, then you should definitely pick this one up and understand life from a different angle to what you’re originally living.

The book is a definite gamechanger, if you want it to be. #RTHReviews

What do you love?

What do you love?

What is it that you love to do?

Anything in which you find happiness?

Anything in which you find peace?

Anything in which you find satisfaction?

Do that.

There’s no restrictions with what you can do or with what you should do – you should never ever settle!

Push beyond your limits – but, do the things you love.

Then, it doesn’t feel like work, it’s a purpose that you’re able to deliver on a daily basis – and there’s never a better feeling in life.

Why wouldn’t you want to do that?

What kind of change are you looking for?

What kind of change are you looking for?

There are times in one’s life when they think something’s not working out, in whatever phase of life, or are probably stuck with something that isn’t allowing them to grow.

At such times, does the point of change come up, when you have to ask yourself what kind of change are you looking for?

To add to that, even though it is about taking a decision and moving forward in that direction, the process is still difficult – because it requires patience and efforts to actually change and to get on a better path that will improve your life.

During these moments in life, you have to ask yourself these two questions – what kind of change are you looking for and is it the kind of change that you’re willing to accept?

The answer’s always within you!

There’s always a way!

There’s always a way!

What’s on your mind?

Do you want a change physically, mentally or emotionally?
Do you want to change your path?
Do you want to change your circle?
Do you want to pursue your dreams?

Find A Way.

There’s always a way, even when you think that all the doors are closed around you. There’s always a way – you just have to find it.

Know what you are looking for – do you really want it – if yes, a way shall definitely appear. You have to be vigilant enough to grab that opportunity when it arises.

However, don’t stop – don’t compromise – that’s not the answer. Keep going, keep hunting for the path – you’ll find your way!


What’s the most important thing in life?

What’s the most important thing in life?

The most important thing in your life is to be yourself.

Being yourself keeps you authentic, keeps you self-aware about who you are and what do you want, and more importantly, keeps you happy.

Through the platform of Social Media, people are creating a different image of themselves, flossing, flaunting just to impress others, and to create that social image.

In reality, being miserable because they don’t know who they are anymore.

Being yourself keeps you sane, keeps you real and keeps you trustful.

You are unique in your own way, your characteristics are your strengths and they define who you are – instead of faking emotions in the virtual or the real world, face who you are and be proud of who you are.