The Digital Push

The Digital Push

If the push towards digital wasn’t huge already, the current crisis has certainly made it so.

Why digital? That answer is easy, because it provides the ease of access, you can connect with anyone and everyone, with the location becoming irrelevant.

For an individual or brand to reach the next level, to flourish, they have to take a step towards becoming digital, towards connecting with their audience. (this most certainly applies to our MSMEs)

Right from team communications, to live streaming, to building a community, to selling a product or service, all the essentials of building a company has pushed towards digital.

Whenever something saves time and money and makes it easier for you to do something, there is no second thought whether that would be the future or not.

And digital is that. If you haven’t already or if you’re second-guessing or stuck with something, you need to overcome that and start now.


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Why I am terrible at marketing?

Why I am terrible at marketing?

When you look at the current marketing environment, you’ll notice a few commonalities that remain the same for all brands.

Being in the marketing sector for 5+ years now, whether it’s through strategizing or executing for brands, noticing the change in trends or platforms, all of it has taught me a thing or two.

I took all of it under account, when I thought of simultaneously working on my personal brand as well. Share my point of view, my perspective, and my journey whilst bringing awareness around those things.

Having done that for a while now, I ended up realizing how am I so terrible at marketing, especially when it comes to my own brand.

Thinking about all of this, I jot down a few pointers that will help me explain this further

– Instead of baiting you into funnels,

I end up asking for your permission every time.

– Instead of packaging it into courses and ebooks,

I end up giving it all away for free.

– Instead of sounding like an expert,

I end up experimenting all on myself first before sharing it ahead.

– Instead of making it all about me,

I end up focusing on providing value to you first.

– Instead of focusing on likes and followers,

I end up focusing on the long-term vision ot changing your life (or at least making you aware of it)

Should you even follow me after reading all of this?

I’ll leave that up to you.



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Making Marketing complicated

Making Marketing complicated

Why do we complicate marketing?

Why do we have to complicate the process of connecting the brands and the individuals with other individuals?

Why do we have to complicate the process of building a relationship?

Even though the process generates results, even though its been going on since years and years now, as a marketer, seeing how the consumers are manipulated into the brand’s funnels shocks me.

By offering free e-books/ courses, hugely discounted material just for a day, and such similar marketing gimmicks, is being used to manipulate people into their funnels makes me think how low can someone get just to get their numbers high.

With the kind of social media and digital access that is currently available, it’s also the permission economy where you need the permission of the consumer to sell them anything.

The permission to make them your community member.

The permission to make them your newsletter subscriber.

Marketing gimmicks work, they generate results, they generate the numbers and thus it is continued for such a long time.

However, until when does it work with every individual consumer?

Consumers are smarter than before, they might enter the first or the second step of the funnel, but are they reaching the end nowadays?

That’s the question that should be asked.

Marketing has become so complicated that something as simple as, “Would you like to buy this?” isn’t even seen anymore.

Asking whether you’d be interested in a newsletter isn’t even asked anymore. You somehow always get that mail one day, because you were a part of the funnel sometime back.

There’s no permission anymore, especially at a time when it should be asked.

Marketing has become complicated, and as a community, we have made it so.

But, it’s also our responsibility to transfer the power back to the consumers, let them be the judge of it, let them have their permission back.


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3 Questions to ask yourself before you post anything!

3 Questions to ask yourself before you post anything!

Whenever anyone is wanting to create content for any social media platform, one of the questions that arise in their mind is, ‘Will this post work?’
There’s a constant worry around this question and sometimes it stops people from posting what they truly want to share. In a constant dilemma of engagement, what gets affected is the content.

To solve that issue in the easiest manner I could think of, here are 3 questions you should ask yourself before you post anything –

1. Is this genuine to me or am I posting just for the sake of it?

2. Does this provide value to my audience?

3. Would I consume this if it came on my feed?

Simple questions to which if you could answer truthfully, you’ll find out that any and all types of content is post-worthy and there are no selection criteria to it.

This is the best time to create Content!

This is the best time to create Content!

Creating content, no matter the quantity, applies to every brand and individual when it comes to connecting with their audience and building their brand base online.

Its an ongoing battle to create content constantly which connects and aligns with the brand, keeping the different social media platforms in mind.

During this time of self-isolation, as you nust have already noticed, there has been an uprise of content everywhere.

However, there are a lot of people who are a bit skeptical as to whether they should create or not and what should they create.

Let me tell you this – this is the best time to create content on the social media platforms and let me also explain why.

Everytime when it comes to creating content, in terms of the corporate brand or the personal brand, the creator will think a few times whether its up to the mark or not, and whether it can be improved.

What I am about to say, applies especially to new creators, but also to everyone else as well.

With mostly everyone being isolated at their homes, and everyone being on their smartphones, on various social media platforms consuming content and thinking how should they spend their time wisely – they also know this – the one who is creating the content is also at home.

Now is that one time when you can focus only on your content, without focusing on the production, without focusing on the background, the lighting (not that you can shoot in darkness now, but you know what I mean), you can now compromise on the equipment (whether you have it or not) and just focus on the value to be provided to the audience.

Isn’t that crazy to think about?

Sure, the other things matter too, but not more than the content which is the essential element behind that video (I’m talking video here – because it is the most consumed type of content form right now).

This is the best form of a confidence booster for the creator, who doubts their content and who doubts whether what they created is postable or not.

Thus, why I say that this is the best time to create content.

Well, if you agree with this and/or if this has given you the confidence, go for it – start creating some content.


Disappearing Stories are now Everywhere!

Short Blog Posts.

Short Blog Posts.

After writing blog posts for almost a year now, on a daily basis, I have realised that there is no definitive length to writing a blog post.

A blog post isn’t always defined by writing 1000 words or more about a certain topic.

It is more about explaining the topic in the best way possible, no matter how lesser or more words you write to do so.

You could explain something in a line or you could take 10 pages to write, they are still blog posts. You don’t have to unnecessarily use words and verbs and adjectives to extend the length of your blog just so it seems more readable.

I’d consider this to be a short blog post, but the funny part is I’ve written much smaller ones too, over time.

Whatever makes you content with your writing on that particular topic.

It cannot be done in one creative.

It cannot be done in one creative.

Have you heard this before?

“I want to explain my brand through this one fancy creative.”

“Do one infomercial post about the brand so people know who we are.”

“We are introducing a new product and we have to make one video about it.”

And more such examples.

But the bottom line is, the game of social media doesn’t work that way.

Keeping the algorithms of these various platforms in mind, and not to forget the attention span of the audience – considering the various amount of content they consume in one go…

It’s extremely difficult to focus on just one campaign, or one creative, or one video in particular that could make your case.

To be fair, there are a few that hit the mark but that’s because the brand is already built and people know it.

For everyone else, that one creative, even if it is a successful one, in terms of numbers, one cannot rely solely on it to get the true results.

True results is mainly getting the brand name out there, selling a product or a service, converting the audience basically.

Back to the topic of one creative, that’s not how one should approach it in the first place.

You have to think of it in macro terms. You have to think of the brand first, think of how the audience will perceive it and then plan accordingly.

Think if you’d be the consumer, and how you’d like to be told about this certain information. Are you focusing on this one-off thing or do you want to make it a long-term connection?

In terms of the latter, you have to know your target audience, know your product, provide value to them in terms of that, slowly and steadily, build your brand whilst the consumer themselves want to follow your content or buy your product or service in their own time.

Thinking of the macro, you have built your brand, built a community and also, sold your product or service.

The bottom line being, you cannot approach this entire process with one creative or one campaign being the only thing that would work for the brand.



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Spend More, Earn More

Spend More, Earn More

To grow your brand to the next level, you need to advertise.

To reach your target audience, you need to invest a decent sum of money in your advertising and marketing budget.

“The man who stops advertising to save money is the man who stops the clock to save time.”

To put it simply, if your brand is new to the market or if you’re planning to launch a new segment/product, you need to reach a specific set of people to get your sales going.

If you don’t spend enough, you won’t reach to sufficient people and the results won’t make a difference.

“Your agency would advise you and suggest you, but at the end, it’s up to you whether you want to reach the next level or not.”

A detailed example would be as such if your revenue is between 10 lacs INR and 20 lacs INR on a monthly basis, does it do justice to the fact that you spend only 20,000 INR to increase your sales. #SpendMoreEarnMore


Is there an Audience?

Is there an Audience?

Do you want to build your brand? Do you want to create content? Do you want to build a community?

Well, there’s one question that should be asked before any other question.

Is there an audience to what you’re providing should be the first question that should be asked.

Sometimes, people create content or create products/services for which there’s no want. That’s also because there was no audience for it in the first place.

Once, that has been defined, then you know exactly who to target and who to not. The demographics should be clear in your head before you create anything.


It’s a Permission First World!

It’s a Permission First World!

With the change in trends, and the rise of social media, it’s the not the same anymore to sell a product or a service.

Its not the same old sell-sell-sell anymore.

Times have changed and we have to change with them! It’s a Permission First World now!

What does that mean?

In order to sell whatever you’re selling, you have to ensure whether the customer is genuinely interested in your brand or not.

Once they are on board, they are also giving you the permission to sell them now and this time, you’ve made a sale without selling.


Quantity > Quality?

Quantity > Quality?

Whenever there has been a talk about quantity, the question also shifts to whether the quality would be affected because of that?

Here’s the scenario which explains that in the best way possible –

Would you rather focus on one creative, put all your efforts into it and it gives you 30% of the expected results?


Would you create 50 content pieces which might give you 80% of the expected results, and at the same time, keep your audience constantly connected with you?

More quantity doesn’t mean comprising on quality, they go hand-in-hand. It only allows you to create more/ experiment more and get you more results in the process.


Let’s Avoid Copy Pasting!

Let’s Avoid Copy Pasting!

• Tips on how to Zazz your Brand #22 – Let’s Avoid Copy Pasting •

We all consume content on the social media platforms and we all have surely noticed a few rounds of posts being copy pasted from one account to another.

Not with an intention of calling anyone out, but has anyone else seen those black background posts with huge headlines in yellow and red and every other account posting the same stuff!

In the honor of creators and the audience and the platforms, here’s a social shout out – let’s avoid that.

Let’s be as original as possible.

Sure that takes time. That also means you’re willing to put in the work to create something.

That also means you love your audience and want to feed them with valuable content.

That also means you’re original and you’re doing something creative.

Let’s build something with our own two hands.

Let’s avoid copy pasting.

Don’t forget your audience!

Don’t forget your audience!

• Tips on how to Zazz your Brand #14 – Engage with your Audience •

People are always on the lookout to identify new ways to get more followers, but fail to engage with their current followers.

Reply to each and every content that you receive – make sure that you interact with your audience.

Apart from replying to comments you receive, make it a point to engage with your audience as much as possible – ask them questions, polls, do a quiz, do a giveaway, any and all sorts of things which can keep your audience active with your content.

Your current audience gives way to your future followers as well, their interaction builds the path for the future followers to realize whether they should follow your account or not.

Engage – that’s the key. #TipsOnHowToZazzYourBrand