The power of a ‘NO’

The power of a ‘NO’

How often do we feel that we have to say yes to something? We feel pressurized, we feel its an obligation, we feel saying no would make it look rude. Thus, we end up saying yes to a bunch of things that we don’t want to do or things that waste our time, especially when its taken from elsewhere.

The power of a ‘NO’ allows you the time, the freedom, and the independence to do the things you want to do, the things you truly want to spend your time on and not end up doing things forcefully or things that you’re not interested in.

It’s only when you start saying no more often, is when you’re able to live your life like this.

The Me Time

The Me Time

Our time (during the day) is divided into a bunch of phases, which include

– your work time,

– your family/ friends/ relationships time,

– your escapism time,

– your chores (cleaning yourself, your house, paying your bills, those types of activities) time,

– and your ME time.

This ‘me time’ is an essential part of your life, day to day and macro, both. This me time is not for any other purpose or individual, but for yourself.

Whether you use this time to rejuvenate, to relax, to learn and grow, to heal, that is upto you. This time gives you the chance to focus, to look back, to look forward, to look within, to look outward. But this is the time which is solely used for you.

The things that you’re able to do during this time, and the outcome, or what you feel during, are things that cannot experience in your other phases nor can you mix it with them.

Like any other time spent on the other phases, your me time is equally important to your life.

The ‘Can you help me out with this?’ Perspective

The ‘Can you help me out with this?’ Perspective

A simple question that we often resort to, ‘Can you help me out with this?’

We ask this because we know we would get help and our problem will be solved or the undone deed will be completed.

Now, asking for help isn’t wrong, but a strong skillset which people lack and don’t look towards, and one that also helps you to grow and evolve.

Said that, unfortunately, the question ‘Can you help me with this?’ can also come from your dependence on others and/ or your lack of efforts.

It’s when you don’t want to put the efforts towards something, but can be done by you, is when you look for easy help.

That and when you know someone is readily available to do it for you. What if you were the last person on Earth and that task had to be done by you? Would there be a chance of dependence onto someone?

Such a perspective solves many things in life and helps you to do a lot of things you didn’t think you could, but it also lacks context (a lot of ifs and buts) which needs to be understood by one whilst adapting such a perspective.