To thrive as a human, we must coexist. What do I mean by that?

We are designed to ensure that we keep ourselves safe and we get to eat and sleep. Keeping history in mind, we’d do anything to ensure those things.

Over time, that anything has evolved into pulling other people down, doing wrong by others, picking out flaws in others and making yourself feel good or even getting frustrated by others and maintaining a distance from them, amongst other things.

However, where does that take you though?

In order to thrive, especially keeping our human relationships in mind (friendly, romantic, professional, and others), we must learn to coexist.

Yes, being aware is good. Yes, being woke is good. Yes, taking care of yourself is good. But eventually, in order to feel fulfilled, in order to evolve, in order to thrive, that answer lies in maintaining a common ground with others and then walking on that middle ground together.

When that happens, there would be lesser arguments, lesser disagreements, lesser frustration and better relationships with others.

The answer is coexistence.