RTHReviews : Maharshi

RTHReviews : Maharshi

One who seeks victory is a Man. One who spreads Victory is a ‘Maharshi’. This one line describes the film, Maharshi and the kind of impact it has on you.

The film does take its time with the multiple arcs it touches upon and its duration has been up for debate, but I felt all of those arcs were connected well and their depth doesn’t make you mind the time.

Touching upon the subjects of success, happiness, relationships, entrepreneurship, agriculture, fame, there was a perspective to learn in every phase of this film.

This was my first watch of a Mahesh Babu film and I’m already a fan, what talent. Allari Naresh was equally brilliant in the film, and so is the rest of the cast with so many of the characters playing important roles in the film, including Pooja Hegde, Prakash Raj, Jayasudha.

One word review: Meaningful

Said everything about the film, another thing that has to be touched upon are the dialogues in the film, that make a huge impact, not just in film, but also in our lives – and I wanted to touch upon a few here…

1. There are no full stops in success. There are just commas. Success is not a destination. Success is a journey.

2. In a world which remembers only the fastest runners, why would I live otherwise?

3. Do you know why so many people are left behind as failures here? Instead of identifying their strengths, they are scared of others’ strengths. They keep thinking about what others are doing, how they are and why it happens only to them and lose themselves. Here, everyone is a hero of their life. Everyone has their strengths.

4. If we step into the game with the fear of losing, we can never win.

5. One who seeks victory is a Man. One who spreads Victory is a ‘Maharshi’.