Top 5 Quotes from the film ‘Maharshi’

Top 5 Quotes from the film ‘Maharshi’

One who seeks victory is a Man. One who spreads Victory is a ‘Maharshi’. This one line describes the film, Maharshi and the kind of impact it has on you.

What’s the story about? “A rich businessman returns to India to mend ways with his ex-classmate. However, when he learns about his friend’s plight, he tries to help him and becomes a saviour for the villagers in the process.”

Apart from the film and what it stands for, another aspect that should be well-appreciated are the film’s dialogues, that we can learn from…

1. There are no full stops in success. There are just commas. Success is not a destination. Success is a journey.

2. In a world which remembers only the fastest runners, why would I live otherwise?

3. Do you know why so many people are left behind as failures here? Instead of identifying their strengths, they are scared of others’ strengths. They keep thinking about what others are doing, how they are and why it happens only to them and lose themselves. Here, everyone is a hero of their life. Everyone has their strengths.

4. If we step into the game with the fear of losing, we can never win.

5. One who seeks victory is a Man. One who spreads Victory is a ‘Maharshi’.