Lost in Translation

Lost in Translation

You want to say something, you have a certain thought on a particular topic and now your mind automatically starts translating that thought to words and you start saying it.

Most of the times, you say something exactly how you meant it and if you’re in luck, then it’s perceived in the same manner too.

Our perception of looking at things and someone else’s perspective of looking at things is going to be different, and there’s no denying that.

So when both the parties are on the same page, then it was well-communicated. But there are other times when what you thought of doesn’t get translated in the same manner.

The words got lost in translation.

Now, the individual at the other end isn’t going to receive this with how you intended it to be, but rather the output of it, and they aren’t wrong in doing that.

These are the times when the loss in translation hurts, and it then leads to one thing or the other.

How important communication is, how important words are, and how well can you explain what’s on your mind is all understood and learned in such situations. There on, it’s all practice and how you build yourself in these three categories.