My 2020 Learnings that will last for a lifetime

My 2020 Learnings that will last for a lifetime

2020 has been a one-of-a-kind year for all, a year no one expected, a year no one was prepared for.

It was a year which brought a lot of ups and downs for people all over the world. Along with it also came it’s learnings.

Where everyone had one top priority, to survive and to live, to be safe, there were some other things that were learnt along the way while this year cruised through.

These are some of mine that will definitely last for a lifetime and hopefully helps you as well.

Life is Short
Instead of postponing things for the future, plan them out for the present. You never know what tomorrow is going to look like.

Helping Others
There’s a world outside your needs and wants as well, and there’s nothing better than helping someone out, in whatever way you can.

Adapting to the Situation
Life throws situations at you which you’re often unprepared for. What sets you apart is how quickly you adapt to it and change your pace/path

Physical and Mental Fitness is Important
Your core focus should always be to take care of your mind and body first. Giving it importance means putting your own life at top priority and that impacts everything else as well.

Your actions impact others
The choices you make may impact others around you, and sometimes not in a positive manner and you should definitely be on the lookout for that.

Productive Guilt
Sometimes you plan and prepare and sometimes you’re not able to execute on that. At such times, you cannot feel guilty and take the blame for everything.

A common level of humanity
No matter who you are and at what social hierarchy level you’re at when we walk together, we grow together and we can tackle our problems together!

Irrelevance of location
The world has evolved so immensely, that you can connect with anyone and anywhere, you can be present everywhere, the location has become insignificant now.

Beauty in Nature
In nature, there is beauty and silence. When you can sense it, is when you can reflect and feel it within you as well. It’s these times which you enjoy and relish, which also help you to grow.

Dependency on External Factors
Our dependency on external factors makes us forget that it is our thoughts + emotions that give those things that weightage. We end up craving for them without realizing that the magic is within us.


While there’s something to learn from 2020 for everyone out there, these were some of the few lessons that I experienced, I learned and definitely brought a change or at least a different perspective to life. 2020 hasn’t been the best for many, but at least we can take its learnings and use it for the rest of our lives.


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Lockdown Learnings

Lockdown Learnings

Over the past year or so, one of my main intentions has been to work on my habits, to introduce new ones, to evolve them over time and to get rid of the ones that don’t serve me any purpose.

Amongst many that literally changed me, this lock-down period allowed me to work on a few more that have been on my mind for a while or some that I didn’t think would be essential to me.

Here are some that I’ve been working on and constantly trying to improve them:

1. Daily Meditations

It allowed me to align my mind and my body, it made me more calmer, more peaceful, to let go of things, every time it’s a different experience.

2. Gadget-free Meals

To have meals without having the phone or laptop around you, without having to watch anything while eating. It first started with lunch and now dinner too, teaching me to be more mindful during meals.

3. Yoga

Whether its the suryanamaskars or some other asanas, the lockdown taught me that you can do so much without even going out. The daily growing experience and the impact on the body is immense.

4. Breath-work

The breathing exercises helps me in releasing more energy in the body, influences the blood circulation, thereby increasing the alkalinity and reducing the acidity in the body, plus changing various physiological responses

5. Cleanliness

Whether its the brooming and wiping, or the sanitisation of the items brought from outside, or the occasional cleaning of utensils and dusting, this time has made me more aware of cleanliness than ever.

3 Life Lessons to learn from the game ‘Ludo’

3 Life Lessons to learn from the game ‘Ludo’

If there was one thing apart from livestreaming and video conferencing that got popular (again) was playing Ludo.

Whether it’s the board game or the mobile game, whether its playing with family or with friends, Ludo has become that bonding game for many during this lockdown.

Said that, I’ve had my share of games with the family, and playing these many times with some wins and some really bad losses got me thinking…

There are quite a few Life Lessons too that the game teaches us!

  • You can’t give up until the game is over

How many times has it happened that the other player/s are way ahead and about to win, and there are times when, because you didn’t give up, because you were a worthy competitor playing until the end, you actually won too.

Same applies to life as well, when you’ve set your mind to something, you shouldn’t and you probably wouldn’t give up until you can’t do it anymore, but until then you won’t give up.

You will keep going, no matter what the circumstances are and no matter how much life wants to test you.

  • Just because you’re ahead doesn’t mean you’ve won

In the above scenario, you’re on the other side of the equation where you are the underdog. Here, you’re the one who’s boasting that you’re about to win.

How many times has it happened that you were leading, just the last piece remaining about to enter the final segment of the journey and someone gets you out. And that becomes the turning point of the game.

When it comes to life, doesn’t the same happen? When you’re ahead, when you’re winning, you feel there is no other and it’s just you, going forward with overconfidence – but then life gets in the way and says that you haven’t won yet.

It shows that one needs to be careful and smart until the end, know what’s going around and not to celebrate until it’s happened.

  • You need to be strategic with your moves

Another important thing that the game teaches us is how to be strategic in the game and in life.

In the game, you need to know when to play the different pieces, whether you should take the chance to cut someone else or save the other piece about to enter the save zone, but is currently in danger.

Just like in life, where you need to be strategic with your moves. You need to be aware of your surroundings and play your moves accordingly. Know which move is aggressive, which one needs to be monitored and move forward accordingly.

I’m sure if you break down the game, there could be some other things to learn too, some smaller in impact maybe. However, these are those life-changing lessons that I could think of, while playing of course.