You don’t know how you sound

You don’t know how you sound

In all of focusing on that voice in your head, how your actions affect others and how others’ actions affect you, we forget how we sound like.

No, this isn’t about your vocals and about the literal sound of them.

But, the impact of your words on others.

You may say something casually, but someone else with a different perspective than yours might take it differently.

And that is a lifelong conundrum that we live in.

You don’t know how you sound and you may never know.

Your anger in your words might put someone down deeply than you’d think. Your appreciation in your words might be taken sarcastically by someone else.

Moreover, this is a vice versa case as well. Because you yourself might get affected that way too, by someone else’s words.

The answer to this conundrum?

Either deeper conversations so you understand something properly, or a deeper understanding of the person so you know their style of speaking, or on a macro level, not to give so much importance to who speaks what (a difficult task that will come with a lot of practice, and might not entirely be recommended because sometimes people need people, they don’t want to do it alone).

Dealing with Every Day

Dealing with Every Day

Prepared or unprepared,

Growth mindset or fixed mindset,

Process or the outcome,

Happiness or the chase,

Whichever category you belong to,

There is still every day to deal with.

Each day brings with it, its own ups and downs.

Its own set of successes and its own set of setbacks.

A high and low of emotions.

Various things to deal with.

And apart from that purpose, apart from that higher goal, there is still always that every day to deal with.

The ‘every day’ that we need to be ready for.

For what it will bring.

For what will happen.

Sometimes it deviates us, sometimes it brings us back to the path,

Sometimes it brings you all the things you want, and sometimes it takes it all away,

Those are the dealings of the every day

That we need to live and experience and be prepared for.

Everything looks difficult

Everything looks difficult

Everything looks difficult when you haven’t started.

You don’t know what it takes, what’s the process, what it entails, nothing.

But, it’s only when you take that first step, mixed with patience and constant practice, do you then realize how that difficulty was in your mind, but not in reality.

We created this image in our mind of how difficult it would be, or even something that we may have heard of.

But when we started it, we realized that we were made for it, we can do it, and its all good.

Most of the battles are won and lost in our minds, and this is just that.


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Every Experience

Every Experience

Some experiences are good for you, and for some, the outcome isn’t. But, every experience has something to teach. In most cases, it’s only in hindsight that we realize that, and we understand and learn from it. But, even if we don’t, what we must know that every experience plays a part in moulding in, in improving us, in evolving us.

What we are today, is because of every experience we have had in our lives. These experiences play a part in your behavior, your habits, your thoughts, that voice in your head, your work, basically everything.

When we understand that, don’t you think it’d be better to look back at every experience with a different perspective, try to derive some learning from it, if it wasn’t a good one, what can you still take away from it. Everything helps you at a later point in time, and we aren’t even aware of it right now.

Even listening to this podcast episode is an experience for you, which might change something for you, somewhere down the line, either consciously or sub-consciously. Every experience matters. Every experience has some learning. Every experience affects our life.


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The more things we add, the bigger our plate looks. Whether we’ll be able to finish that plate is something no one asks. Just that the plate should look full.

Instead, if we keep just two things on it, or four, or all, or none, depends on person to person, but one would find more joy and less stress. More satisfaction and less headache.

I wish I was talking about food here, but it’s about life, and doing too many things at once, creating this pressure to do more, without being able to enjoy even one wholly.

It’s in moments like these when you take a step back and realize this and ultimately take the decision to subtract things from your life, in order to be freer, have more time and less stress. Subtraction creates those opportunities for us, which addition does not.

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Taking a Step Back

Taking a Step Back

Sometimes the solutions to the most difficult problems are really simple.

But, being in the driving seat, we don’t realize this. With a rush to solve our problems, we go on a path, head-on introducing more problems than before.

And more problems start piling up. In this turmoil, we don’t know what to do and we blame everything else around us, but ourselves.

Instead, a better option is to take a step back, observe and analyze everything. Perceive everything from a third eye and then execute your next move.

Now you’re prepared. Now you know what to do.


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How can you have a good 2021?

How can you have a good 2021?

We approach every year with a certain set of expectations, hoping for the year to live up to that level.

We had the same approach for 2020 as well and it took all of us by surprise and literally changed our lives.

However, here’s where it gets tricky though.

In terms of the magnitude of change, this year (2020) sure was a roller-coaster of a ride, but to think of it, not in the same magnitude level, but every year brings with it, its own set of ups and downs.

Enough ups and downs to break your expectations, with you ending up moulding yourself to those and making changes accordingly.

And, that is life.

The expectations we set are always uprooted by something or the other, and what sets us apart is how we then respond to those changes and mould ourself to them.

With such a perspective, when you understand this, then you also get to a point that 2021 could be better than 2020, but it would still have its own set of ups and downs.

And thus, we should not have any special expectations from the year, only to end up feeling disappointed or frustrated that things didn’t turn out like we expected.

Instead, approaching the year with an open mindset, with a plan in place, but also ready when things go haywire. That way, you’re ready for everything 2021 has to offer and you’re prepared for it (mentally).


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Hope keeps you alive.

Hope doesn’t let you down.

Hope lets you try.

Hope lets you fail and succeed.

Hope keeps humanity alive.

You can only hope.


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Blaming Others vs Taking Accountability

Blaming Others vs Taking Accountability

What do the differences between the two look like – blaming others v taking accountability?

Blaming Others
– is easy
– allows you to shift every problem of yours onto others
– you’ve an excuse for every hardship you face, for everything that happens in your life
– you can now blame those around you, the technology, the government, the weather, you’ve a ton of options at your disposal.


Taking Accountability
– is difficult
– now the onus is on you
– you’ve no one to blame, but be accountable for everything that you do and everything that happens to you
– irrespective of whether the outcome is in your favor or not
– allows more freedom and independence

Which side do you then choose?
The easier or the difficult one?

Some choices seem easy in life, until you realize its consequences on yourself and how it affects you short-term and long-term.


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Own Ways

Own Ways

There’s no one way to any path, no fixed formula or method.

There is nothing that is proven to be the exact same for two individuals.

Everyone writes their own way, with their own set of successes and difficulties.

Each to their own experience.

Understanding that is a powerful way forward, to know that I can get inspired, but I cannot emulate, I have to find my own way.

That is the key to unlocking life for you, finding your own way.


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Living a life with purpose

Living a life with purpose

On a macro level, few people live their purpose and get to live that life on a daily basis.

It’s not the same as being motivated or not the same as earning to cover your expenses. That life is different.

What does that life include then?

Living a life with purpose means

• you know where your FOCUS lies,

• your PROCESS is now streamlined,

• knowing how to balance your TIME and ENERGY,

• where to DOUBLE DOWN upon, and

• also, able to avoid the DISTRACTIONS in life.

Of course, there are a lot more advantages to living a purposeful life, but these were top five reasons, according to me, that sets one apart once they have found their purpose.

Have you found yours yet?


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Life isn’t an either or game

Life isn’t an either or game

What we have been taught of life has always concluded with an either or option.

You either win or lose at life.

You’re either happy or you’re not.

You either accomplish something in life or you don’t.

It’s always an either or option that you end up measuring yourself against.

I feel, life isn’t an either or game.

Neither should it be made into one.

What this thinking avoids is the process behind reaching these either or scenarios.

The experiences, the learning, the fun – all is lost when it’s ultimately summed into an either or.

In the quest to make life into something, we forget the now, we forget the journey, we forget these moments, all for that conclusion.

Life is in the middle, in the unknown, sometimes in the light, sometimes in the dark, finding the light, not knowing the next step, failing at something and then trying again, life is all about that.

It cannot be summed into an either or game.


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A blank page

A blank page

Imagine you’re writing a book, and you feel that you’re stuck somewhere and you don’t know what to write anymore, you don’t know how to proceed.

Will you stop writing that book?

Or will you try another approach to it?

You have a blank page, you have the choice to rewrite something, to change your approach towards writing, to change the entire book itself.

That is the power of a blank page.

It allows you the freedom to do anything and everything you want with that fresh page.

You can ignore everything you wrote, or rewrite the parts you didn’t like.

That’s how life works as well.

Every day is a fresh start, a blank page that allows you to rewrite your life.

That allows you to introduce the changes to make it better.

You can be stuck at a certain place, or change your approach altogether amd start with a blank page.

That choice to continue is something you have to take.


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Creating New Stories of Life

Creating New Stories of Life

What is life, if its lived the same way, every day, every week, every month and every year?

Do we create new stories if we live that way? Do we create new experiences for our own life?

We might notice enjoy other’s journeys, but what about our own?

Life is about experimentations.

With regards to everything, life, routine, lifestyle, everything.

The more we experiment, the more we try out new things, we end up creating more experiences, more stories, that’s how we add the spice to the life.

That’s how new moments are formed, that’s how life is lived.

That’s how we grow. That’s how we make mistakes and we evolve.

There’s no one way of living. No one has it figured out. You’ve to experiment, you have to try out new things, keep that adventure in your own life, so you don’t have to seek it elsewhere.

That’s what life comes down to. And its really so simple as well.



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It costs zero!

It costs zero!

It costs zero?

But what though?

The biggest values in the world

That create the most impact!

Things like kindness, empathy, gratitude and optimism cost you nothing,
it doesn’t take anything away from you,
but it helps you to live a happy and positive life.

Not only that, but you also get to spread this word around, spread some love and not to forget, when you’re optimistic, good things just happen in your life.

Write the invoice of your own life!
There’s always eyes on you

There’s always eyes on you

You know what?

Whatever you do,

However you do it,

Whether you succeed or fail,

Whether you know the answers or not,

There’s always eyes on you.

Someone or everyone is watching you.

So, will you let that bother you or will you do what you want and enjoy those eyes on you?

Running a race

Running a race

When you plan on running a race, usually there’s two scenarios as to how everyone looks at it – either you win the race or you lose.

No one really wants to notice the constant efforts and practice that was taking place behind-the-scenes and the mentality it needed to prepare for that race.

No one really wants to acknowledge those who finished that race, but not just first.

No one really gives a pat on the back to those who couldn’t finish the race. A pat on the back for trying!

This world we live in wants everyone to win.

Is that possible though?

If 5 people participate and they do their best, yet only one wins, how are we, as a society, reacting to the other four?

Do they stop running then?

The feeling of nothingness

The feeling of nothingness

Do you know the feeling when you feel like doing nothing at all?

Nothing as in literally nothing.

No distractions, no tasks, no smartphones, no thoughts, no focusing on yourself.

Just nothing.

It’s a feeling where you feel calm, you feel peaceful, silently sitting there – and no, I’m not talking about meditations either.

Just the feeling of doing nothing, at that time.

You don’t feel it too often, but when you feel it, you got to respect it and spend that time accordingly.

If you don’t love yourself…

If you don’t love yourself…

If you don’t love yourself first, then how will you love your day, your thoughts, your emotions, your actions, your results.

If you don’t love yourself first, then how will you share that love with others around you.

If you don’t love yourself, then how will you love what you do.

If you don’t love yourself, then how will you love your life.

It all starts with that.

Loving yourself.

Loving your strengths as well as your flaws.

Loving your mistakes and your failures.

It’s all a part of you.

Start with that.

De-clutter In and Out

De-clutter In and Out

When you actually take the time out and take a look at your surroundings (your personal space, your work space, your wardrobe, your house) and at the same time, a look within yourself too, you’ll notice that there’s a lot of clutter around.

That cluttering leads to congestion of space which hinders the space for freshness and growth.

An unarranged pile of papers or books has an effect on your thoughts and ideas and execution too.

An unarranged pile of clothes, an unfolded bedsheet, an untidy home has an effect on the positive thoughts that you’re trying to attract.

When you de-clutter your exterior surroundings, it gives you the organized space needed for your growth. The cleanliness leads to clean thoughts within you. The openness leads to more ideas within you.

Although, it doesn’t end there.

What more is needed, is a de-clutter within yourself too. Once the exterior is done, then its time to work on the interior. The negative thoughts, the toxic thoughts, the comparisons, the ego, the arrogance, the discouraging opinions is all a part of the de-clutter.

The in-and-out de-clutter leads to a positive space around you and within you – a space for more positivity, for more confidence, for more growth, for more ideas and for more execution too.


Fear Less, Love More

Fear Less, Love More

When you fear something, you start fearing it even more, it leads to anxiety and stress and over-thinking about it.

That is what is happening with the current situation as well.

We constantly fear of it. Not that we shouldn’t be careful, but we shouldn’t be in constant fear of it too.

Fear is a form of negativity in our mind, it brings a negative reaction in our brain, which further leads to a decrease in our immunity system as well.

On the other hand, love plays the complete opposite role of that. Loving ourselves more, loving others around us, spreading that love around has that very positive affect on our mind and body.

Thus, fear less and love more is something that is apt for us right now and should be on our minds, at all times.

The Game Of Life #Part1

The Game Of Life #Part1

In the limitless number of thoughts that I have on a day-to-day basis; one of those thoughts resonated with the fact that life is nothing but a game, which you play and your choices and decisions lead to how you play that game and whether you’re good at it or not.

Thus, #TheGameOfLife

Thinking about life, I pen down my thoughts that relate with this and thus as you can notice below are a few that I think can change how we live life.

Do what you feel needs to be done!

Do what you feel needs to be done!

Sometimes you have something on your mind that you want to do

Could be a small task or a hobby you want to pursue or a goal you want to achieve… A career path you want to change… Can be anything

Although sometimes you worry!

Worry about what others will think!

Worry about what others will say!

Sometimes it’s the worry when people around you tell you to do something, which you don’t want to do in the first place


At the risk of all these before and after scenarios, we can do only one thing!

Do what you feel that needs to be done!

As simple as that!

Without worrying about the pre and post scenarios of that something, especially with regards to others.

Sunday is a Good Day!

Sunday is a Good Day!

Yes, we should cherish every day we get to live and every day is a boon for us to do something we didn’t do the day before.


However, don’t you think Sunday is a good day?

How do I mean?

I’m not saying that, in terms of, waiting for the weekend to arrive and when will the weekdays get over.

Not that.

But, in terms of, Sunday gives you that chance
– to take a step back
– to relax
– to chill
– to take the workload off your mind
– to take a break
– to spend some time alone
– to spend time with your loved ones

Could be anything or more!

Hey, you can even work on a Sunday, what ever makes you feel content and satisfied!

Nonetheless, taking all those above pointers in mind, don’t you think, Sunday is a good day where you get to do all of those things and none of those things, get it?


A Sudden Jolt of Inspiration

A Sudden Jolt of Inspiration

Sure, there are people who are inspired with their goals for life – know the ‘why’ of their life and and why are they pushing themselves more and more, every day of their lives.

But, for most of the people, not everyone is inspired that way in life. They walk in the cycle of life – where everything is the same. (and they could be happy doing that too, that’s not a problem)

However, in this walk of life, something you must have experienced, either by consuming something or experiencing something or by having met someone, you could have suddenly hit this jolt of inspiration within you.

Inspiration to achieve something – to do something – to work towards a cause – could be anything.

Now, what’s to be known is this – now that you feel inspired – understand the why.

Why do you feel inspired? What made you feel that way?

If it’s actually inspiration, and you feel positive about it – then use it practically in your life to achieve what you want.

Being inspired is such a blissful moment because now you won’t stop – now you just want to go on and achieve heights.

Take in this moment, cherish it and walk the path of life.

Be Honest!

Be Honest!

Be Honest…

To whom?

To others, of course. That is a given!

But, first…

You, yourself.

You need to be honest with yourself first.

If you aren’t, well, things start going off the rail thereon.

You know yourself better than anyone else would.

You know what you want. What you don’t. What you enjoy. What you don’t. Who you enjoy it with. With whom you don’t.

These answers lie within you.

The key is to be honest with yourself.

It’s a New Day!

It’s a New Day!

No matter how your yesterday was, good or bad, today and every day is a new day.

A new day to restart, to refresh, to rethink your choices and your decisions and live an entirely new life the next day.

If the circumstances aren’t going your way, today you’ve the chance to change things around.

If the choices made yesterday, were a mistake, today you’ve the chance to make different choices.

Every day you have the chance to live a new day – it’s up to you, whether you want to or not.


The journey or the destination?

The journey or the destination?

When you focus on the road ahead, the journey always seems longer than usual. Your mind is filled with doubts and you tend to question your steps.

On the other hand, when you focus on how far you’ve come from before, it fills you with positivity and optimism, you see it as a stepping stone.

That’s what the life’s journey is about – you always go forward – you want to rise higher than before – be better than before – and it’s a step by step process.

Everytime you tend to realize how far you’ve come, but when you think of the future and how unpredictable it is, it makes you anxious though.

“Always focus on how far you’ve come, not how far you have to go.”

Everything requires Practice!

Everything requires Practice!

I legit sucked at writing anything. My marks in school clearly defined that. Whether it came to writing a formal letter to our School Principal or caption writing for the clients, it was difficult to cope with, every time.

However, when I knew what to write, along with a lot of practice and mistakes, you can improve at anything and I improved at this.

After 250+ blog posts, various articles and ‘n’ number of posts created on my various profiles, I’ve finally overcome it.

Next on my list is to overcome my fear of looking at the camera lens and speaking!

All you require is a bit of confidence, practice and not to look at others and get worried with what they are doing! Also, remember that they started way before you did.

Is there anything that’s on your mind?

It always seems impossible to others!

It always seems impossible to others!

Whether you have a vision for the future, or you have set a massive goal for yourself, or you’re doing anything out of the ordinary – it always seems a bit difficult at first, in your head.

But, do you know that it always seems impossible in other people’s minds – very rarely would you get a supportive opinion, in situations like these.

Usually, its statements like, “it’s not possible at all” or “why are you wasting your time on this?”

As Nelson Mandela clearly states, “It always seems impossible until it’s done.”

It’s only when the job is done, when the mission is accomplished, does it seem possible to others.

Always remember that you need to have that will-power, that mindset, that hunger within you to get it done – you cannot expect it from others.

You do you!

Dreams – have you forgotten yours?

Dreams – have you forgotten yours?

All of us have dreams, some achieve them, some are in the process of achieving it and some forget about them!

Let’s discuss those who have forgotten their dreams and let’s question the why.

Why have some of those people forgotten their dreams?

Why have they just let it go?

Did they try and fail and then let it go? – That scenario isn’t bad, it’s good on the contrary – that you tried.

If you just let it go – was it because
• you weren’t confident with yourself
• you didn’t get enough support
• people would have judged you had you failed
• parental pressure of getting into something else

Yes, there are situations, there are circumstances that one may not avoid – sometimes one is forced – but those who persist, and fight for their dreams, feel more satisfied than if they hadn’t.

All dreams are achievable.

Even if the end goal isn’t achieved for some reason, the process is just as beautiful. Plus you’re happy with no regrets – that you tried – you followed your dreams.

Then why wouldn’t you?

Our imperfections make us who we are!

Our imperfections make us who we are!

“What makes you different or weird—that’s your strength.” – Meryl Streep

Everyone’s chasing to be perfect, without realizing that perfect doesn’t exist.

What makes us, humans, different from each other, and at the same time, makes us unique, are our imperfections!

Those imperfections that make us” different” or “weird” is actually our strength – then why should we change it.

It makes us unique in our own way.

Love them! Cherish them! Flaunt them!

Know thy imperfections – because those make you perfect in your own way! ❤️

Living in the Present

Living in the Present

“Live in the present and make it so beautiful that it’s worth remembering.” – Arnold H. Glasow

Forget the past – forget the past mistakes – forget the past decisions if you aren’t where you want to be – learn from it though.

More importantly, Live in the present.

Make everything about today.

Conquer today.

Today matters!

Make it a day worth remembering that tomorrow you write a story about it.

It can happen – it’s up to you – your choices define your today and your tomorrow.

//QOTD – Was today worth remembering for you?