The Game of Ifs and Buts

The Game of Ifs and Buts

A game which is never-ending, and one which is played by all is the game of Ifs and Buts.

This game occurs for most, throughout various moments in just a day and that is then repeated over and over again, life then continuing in this cycle.

For anything that occurs, you think, what if I had done this differently?

For something that hasn’t happened according to your expectations, there’s a but that’s added to your thought.

These Ifs and Buts constantly keep playing in your head, showing you different alternatives if you had made all the right choices, and if everything went according to your plan.

However, two things happen here. One, such thoughts take away the present moment from you, constantly keeping you wondering about the past. Second, and more importantly, life is not but a series of choices you make based on who you are at that time and the experiences you have had.

Every choice you make is something you control, and only when you know the outcome isn’t in your favour is when you think what if. But there’s no time travel, is there? That means you need to be satisfied with the choices you have made and the outcomes that have come along with it, ensuring that those results play a part when you have to make your next choice that impacts your life, on the micro or macro basis.

When your thinking is altered in this way, is when you will be able to limit this game of Ifs and Buts in your head and actually be able to live your life in the reality.

Unexpected Things!

Unexpected Things!

Some things happen in our lives unexpectedly! You just cannot predict nor think about these things! Thus, unexpected.

Of course, you have to look at the bigger picture in life, and optimistically, think everything will be right and as you wanted it to be.

However, what about these unexpected things?

Well, they are uncalled for.

What can be done is, do things today as there would be no tomorrow – that’s the only way to be satisfied today, not thinking how tomorrow will turn out to be. Because honestly, even if you plan it, you just don’t know.

These unexpected things in life derail your path and your journey and you don’t know whether there’s a tomorrow.

So better live today at its best! ❤️

// R.I.P Kobe Bryant and the 8 others who lost their lives in the helicopter crash. I may not be a NBA fan but that’s the beauty of Kobe, the legend that he is, you don’t need to watch the game to know his impact on the world and his inspirational journey. The news was a shocker to hear when I woke up in the morning and it’s just sad when things happen unexpectedly.

What’s Next?

What’s Next?

What’s Next? The question on our minds, at every point of time, no matter what we are doing.

This isn’t just about work, it involves everything we do, every day.

While we are doing something, we are constantly thinking, what are we going to do next!? 👀

You see the problem, right? In this quest for what’s next, we aren’t enjoying the present moment at all, we aren’t enjoying the process of whatever we are doing.

I realized this, and now I want to make amends. I want to feel this moment, I want to enjoy it and remember it.


Pondering over the Past

Pondering over the Past

1 Day
24 Hours
1440 minutes

Imagine how much of this time is spent by you thinking about the past.

About your past decisions, about the steps taken, how you would’ve done something differently.

Its so easy to think about all of this – it’s easy because you can only waste your time thinking about it, you cannot change anything.

That wasted time is taking time out of your present, and that pondering over isn’t letting you decide your present and your future.

“Don’t let yesterday take up too much of today.” – Will Rogers

What’s gone is gone, let’s focus on today, let’s focus on making tomorrow better, let’s focus on making the changes that we can make today that will form our future and also be grateful for every decision previously taken, that has brought us to where we are today.

Living in the Present

Living in the Present

“Live in the present and make it so beautiful that it’s worth remembering.” – Arnold H. Glasow

Forget the past – forget the past mistakes – forget the past decisions if you aren’t where you want to be – learn from it though.

More importantly, Live in the present.

Make everything about today.

Conquer today.

Today matters!

Make it a day worth remembering that tomorrow you write a story about it.

It can happen – it’s up to you – your choices define your today and your tomorrow.

//QOTD – Was today worth remembering for you?