Limited by Boundaries!

Limited by Boundaries!

Anyone who compares or divides under political or religious or geographical or financial or any such “lines of boundary“, unfortunately has a finite mindset.

Not necessarily by choice, but the society works that way and that makes it easier for anyone to inherit those qualities.

What do I mean by ‘finite‘ mindset?

When what you think, what you say and what you do is limited within the bubble of a certain boundary. (political/ religious/ geographical/ financial etc)

In order to upgrade/ improve yourself, you need to

  • know that you aren’t always right
  • broaden your viewpoint
  • question the usual
  • hear out the other person once
  • introduce empathy in the picture
  • practice being silent when you don’t know everything

When you think beyond what you know, you realize that half the things you think or say aren’t even that important in life.


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